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This articles page provides an index, and occasional content, for information which has been provided more thought than information found in the chats or forums pages. Whether the additional thought is correct or useful is for you to decide. If you have additional articles or article references on the web please email your suggestions. Thanks!
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Stephen Willett's Stephen Willett's Classic site
Otto's Pitch Lots of great Men's Fastpitch articles great pictures too
Softball Dad Poem (kinda) Softball Dad Poem still true today this poem sure pops up often
Power See Ray DeMarini's article on the importance of bat speed AFTER you've hit the ball.
AFA Whineline Lots of complaint articles some humorous not alot of editorial application here
infosports.net Article Many pro Players grew up with Fastpitch oldtimer article
A Fastpitch Coach Various articles on youth Fastpitch
Seattle Times A Game Of Their Own - article has a few great answers which help sell the populace on Fastpitch remember these answers
Sounding Off Fastpitch forum
Higher Ground Newsletter Index several articles in each
Louisville Slugger comments on NSA Lisa and Dot participation was a highlight dedication
Women at Work Club K personnel Raybestos Brakettes background
Play for YOU

Well... Soon this years players will be getting off the airplanes with the tought of... Which team will be the right team for me next year. As we have seen by the postings for tryouts, next year has already started. PLAYERS take your time.... THINK through your decision..... Find the Team that will help you with your true dream. An important note here. The DREAM should be yours not MOM's or DAD's.... YOUR DREAM. Is this your first year to play travel... Or are you the player with 8 years of experience, looking for team or coach to help you win nationals or find the right college. Some questions to ask yourself.... 1. What are my goals and dreams.... 2. Which team's goals matches your dreams and goals... 3. What are your strengths as a player and TEAM member... 4. Which team would be a match for your strengths... 5. What type of a coach do you enjoy playing for... 6. What type of a coach do you learn best from... 7. Which team has one or more of "your" type of coaches... 8. Are you looking for a one year team or an organization to stay with... 9. What commitment do you expect for other players... 10. Are there any "NEVERs" that should be talked about... 11. Insert your important questions here....! Remember YOU the player is what makes the game work... Don't sell yourself short of your true dreams... Good Luck !
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