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You got picked for a top "A" team in your state but you find yourself on the bench. By paying attention to bench skills and opportunities you can become an MVP. Don't take the opportunity and you might be looking elsewhere next season.
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Put Me In Coach There is a difference between bugging the coach and letting the coach know you're ready to play. Understand what the coach needs from you to help the team. Work on those skills and prove it in practice. Only then say, I'm ready to play
Warmups You don't have much time between innings and the more throws the better. You've got time so make use of it to help the team hustle onto the field. Be the first on the field and the last off the field between innings. take the job of making sure everything is ready
Cheering Softball Cheers Good Guys and Bad Guys cheers
Tracking Your coach will already be tracking some things. That's a start. However, the coach may want to track other things and not have the time or personnel. Take the time to help where you can. Find out what everyone wants to track and make suggestions
Observation Daisys are pretty but watching them is not building your Fastpitch skills. Instead pay attention to all aspects of the game. As you gain observational experience point out things to the coaches like: she can't hit rise balls, she's leaving before the pitch, she hit the ball in the gap. Every pitch is way too often to tell a coach
Analysis Its not about playing your cards right. You simply need to take all the things you learn and improve your skills. The better your skills become the more others will share the bench with you. I'm ready to play
Leaving If you're not happy and having fun then its time to leave. However, before that event learn as many skills as your present coaching staff can teach you. Ask the coach for a recommendation
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