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All batters need to learn how to bunt. In many games it may be the only way to win. Pay special attention to smaller players who may not be catching onto the mechanics of power hitting. They'll have more fun getting on base than making an infield out every time. And, yes you righties can slap hit left with success.
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Defensive Drill Communications on bunt coverage throw to the inside
Looking for Info There's not a lot of web material on bunting. Below are a few items to consider or argue about. email references if you can find them
Stance Take a runners stance towards the pitcher. Make sure you can bend the rear leg up and down quickly while maintaining balance. be relaxed
Balance Have your weight evenly distributed between your two feet. Often your rear toe and front heel will have more weight experiment to get the best balance for you
Lower Arm Extension Make your bat a straight extension of your lower arm. Raise or lower your lower arm and bat as a single unit. remember use your knees to go up and down
Catching the Ball A softball with a .47 COR being pitched at 53MPH bunted straight-back without 'give' will go back to the pitcher at 25MPH for an easy out. Pushing the ball gives the pitcher even more time. You want to hold the bat losely so the ball doesn't get to the pitcher distance fast. that's what I call catching the ball with the bat
Types Sacrifice bunt - Set up early since the purpose is to bunt no matter what
Drag bunt - Catch the ball so well with the bat that it almost looks like you're carrying it with you towards first base (easier to do in baseball)
Slap hit - You fake a sacrifice bunt, then after the fielders move you pull the bat back and hit the ball as best as possible
Slap bunt - Start the slap hit routine, but instead bunt the ball a little harder than normal (towards short or second is a good idea
Surprise bunt - Instead of taking your normal swing, quickly move into the bunt stance and bunt
Bunts are often the last resort a coach uses when hitting has been unsuccessful against a quality pitcher
Direction You want the ball to stay fair and the pitcher is putting a spin on the ball which you rarely can guess. The best idea is to limit your bat angle only slightly from center until you learn, over time, how much you can control. Fastpitch bunting isn't baseball. The setup time is simply too short
Must Bunts When the coach tells you you must bunt the ball there is usually a reason - like the runner on third is running no matter what. If there is anyway possible the catcher can catch the ball you MUST get the bat on the ball. The best in youth I've seen was successful on an above eye level brush-back pitch - and the runner scored.
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