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The catcher runs the Fastpitch game. If you're the catcher and you're not loud and often then you need to work on those skills. You give the signs and the actions of all the players is in front of you. Don't just observe, make sure everyone knows what to do.
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Calling Game Call Chart Reading the batter
Game Strategy Situational Strategy Working the batter
Pitch Selection No matter who calls the pitches, the catcher needs to learn how to call the pitches. See if the coach of a younger team will give you some experience. Pitch, speed, movement and location combine for thousands of possibilities for each batter
Signals Of course, signals are needed so the coach can talk to the catcher. It is often helpful for the catcher to have signals for the coach related to the position of the batter in the box. Nothing works if the batter changes position after the signals except - timeout
Art of Catching Covers Blocking, Fielding the Bunt, Drills, Framing, Plays at the Plate, Setting up at the Plate, Giving signs, and Throwing
Catcher's Corner A collection
eteamz Catching Drills
Astros Developing a Quick Catcher's Glove with Frisbee practice get better with a Frisbee drill
Palm Guard Palm Guard Gloves provides inside gloves helps save my hands
How To Play Footwork is most important to catchers throwing to second base. In Effective Catching Mechanics, we recommend that Strong arms - plant the right foot, rock back and fire the ball... Average arms - step forward 6 inches with the right foot planting the foot perpendicular to the target. Turn the hips, pull the throwing arm back, stride with the left foot and throw the ball. In general, the catcher will pivot on the right foot, keep the shoulders closed and take a stride with the left foot.

A footwork drill reprinted from Effective Catching Drills helps a catcher with the skills needed to throw runners out at second... Quick Feet Drill Goal: Teach catchers the footwork needed for throwing base runners out. Drill: Catcher gets into the stance for runners on base. When the coach yells "now", the catcher jumps 90 degrees from their original stance. To teach the catcher to stay down, the catcher never leaves their crouch. Concentrate on the lower body first ... the player’s arm can not do the job itself.

Concentrate on technique - distance will come
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