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Even the best instructors miss things. After players become highly skilled, instructor analysis may require assistance tools such as diagnostic tapes. Consult your instructor prior to investing in a diagnostic tape. No instructor? Get one before even considering a diagnostic tape.
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FrozenRopes Training Center Tape Analysis pretty expensive?
Online Hitting Academy Hitting Mechanic's Checklist reference Didn't see the actual form
Me I'll tell you a little story. My daughter's arm was hurting. Her pitching coach and I thought she was hitting herself. She did not believe this. A friend taped her. She looked at the tape for 30 seconds and said, "that's not me". She then proceeded to fix the problem without further discussion. tape from behind the catcher and behind the pitcher - Thanks Joe
How-to-Fastpitch How-to-Fastpitch provides pitching diagnostic service including tape analysis
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