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Our worldwide Fastpitch community continues to grow. The inclusion of softball in the olympics was certainly a contributing factor. However, I prefer to think that the sport itself is the real draw. This section presently points at international organizations, however, in the future we will create more country oriented pages. If anyone has a great Fastpitch links page for a specific non-USA page please email your suggestion.
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News U. S. and international
NAST Play in Europe for North American players
European Championships European Championships European Championships
France Le Président de France Softball Chers Amis
Germany Deutscher Baseball und Softball Verband e.V. Softball Bundesliga
Italy Italian softball Softball 2000 Serie A/1, Serie A/2, Serie B
Norway Norway softball Drobak Softball, Ballkam Softball, Bekkestua Softball, CSK Softball
Switzerland Switzerland softball (English version) Swiss Baseball & Softball Federation
UK British softball commercial site
Australia Softball Australia South Australian Softball Association, remember Peta's hit in the 13th
Japan Japan softball Japan Softball Association, Zaidan Hojin, Nihon Softball Kyokai
Korea Korea Sports Council softball is one of their sports
Canada Softball Canada is the governing body for the sport of Softball in Canada softball opportunities for all Canadians
New Zealand Softball New Zealand includes National Office and player and association connections
Croatia Hrvatski Softball Savez English version of Hrvatski Softball Savez
Czech Republic Czech Softball Association Czech Softball Association
Swiss Schweizerischer Baseball- & Softball Verband SBSV Switzerland softball (English version)
South Africa Softball South Africa news is lacking and out-of-date, 'About Us' provides a history lesson
Ireland Irish softball page
South Africa Softball in South Africa softball Eastern Gauteng
Israel Welcome to the home of the Israel Softball Association new fields, Yarkon Sports Facility
Netherlands Baseball and Softball in the Netherlands
Finland Finland softball
Portugal Federacao Portuguesa de Basebol e Softbol
Austria Österreichischer Baseball-Softball Verband
Canadian Travel Kars Aces is traveling to Europe want to go?
Paris-Lyons Indoor softball tournament in France nice, but a little strange
UK Softball Indoor softball tournament in France nice, but a little strange
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