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There's got to be a hook to attract advertising dollars to Fastpitch. The problem appears to be the girls would rather play than read about it. Guess the magazines will just keep searching for a solution.
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Sports Illustrated occasional softball
Softball Magazine Softball Magazine magazine
National Fastpitch National Fastpitch sometimes looking for partners magazine
Softball Today Softball Today magazine
East Coast Fastpitch Newsletter Newsletter homepage http://www.elitefastpitch.com/
MSNBC News web page
usateamsports News web page
Interesting Articles Kids, Sports, Coaches and Parents articles
East Coast Fastpitch On-line Newsletter Newsletter
Fastpitch Oklahoma Web Site which references their magazine buy locally it looks like
An Online Journal Fastpitch USA online journal yearly subscription to web site content
ASA Softball Balls & Strikes magazine an occasional publication
Sports Report Sports Report is the USSSA magazine not just softball
Beach Softball Magazine Beach Softball Magazine its not Fastpitch
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