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If people want to read about it, newspapers will print it. For whatever reasons the listed newspapers, whether dedicated or not, have chosen to print softball stories. We're going to be adding email addresses to make it even easier for you to write and tell them you want to read about specific Fastpitch events. Economic impact is a good angle for reporters as well as human interest stories - so ask.
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WPSL WPSL Coverage
Al's Fastball Al's Fastball lots of Fastpitch coverage - daily updates
Fastpitch Chronicle Fastpitch Chronicle based in Wisconsin periodic Fastpitch coverage
Grandstand Softball Newspaper newspaper
College News Softball Newspaper web site
WorldSport Softball Newspaper web site
FastPitchUSA Online Softball Newspaper Teasers, then you pay
fastpitch.com Online Softball Newspaper web site
ESPN ESPN Online Softball Stories
College News NCAA Softball Stories
USA Today Softball Articles Newspaper
Lycos / USA Today Softball Articles Newspaper
College Sports News Softball Articles Daily news link
College Sports News Softball Headlines College link
NFCA Softball headline articles Recent news
sports page index Newspaper index from around the U.S.
USA Today Softball Softball stories in the news from around the U.S.
Snow Hawk Links page to lots of major and some minor news oriented web sites softball only if its current news
Softball News Softball news coverage softball if its recent news
Softball Nation News Softball news coverage state of Virginia orientation
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