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Pitching is the heart of the Fastpitch sport. If your pitching staff is weak or shallow your team has little chance against a team with a good pitching staff. Even at 43 feet in college, pitchers dominate. Aim for at least 3 or 4 hours of pitching practice each week with a full one month break in the winter.

Fastpitch Central is proud to have Bill Hudson as our volunteer editor for Fastpitch pitching. Bill was instrumental in getting girls Fastpitch programs established in Georgia state High Schools. He continues to enhance the program by instructing a large number of the best Fastpitch pitchers in the state.

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Fastpitch Pitching, January 29, 2001, Bill Hudson, Fastpitch is a wonderful sport I've been involved with most my life. I've been pleased with the growth in Girls Fastpitch. Through this web site I'll offer a growing base of information about Fastpitch pitching. If you don't see the answer to your question just send me an email. I may not be able to answer each question individually, however, I'm sure the answer will appear on this web site - so check back often.

To get started I've created a basic presentation. The folks at Fastpitch Central have reformatted it for presentation on the web. Simply click on presentation or one of the details below.

Style / Mechanics includes Do's and Don'ts
Rise Ball understanding the unique beauty in this sport
Drop an early requirement for a successful Fastpitch pitcher
Change Up at 10U it's fun to watch the batter and at 18U it's necessary to get the best batters out
Curve a very effective pitch from 12U to 16U and older if a drop-curve is perfected
Building Speed you don't have to pitch fast to be effective - you pitch Fastballs to sell all your other pitches
Achieving Control pitching the pitch you intended and putting it where you want it to go
Shaking Off the Call Hal Skinner says, "Shaking off the call is one of the two simplest ways for a pitcher to become a little more unpredictable." keep batter guessing
Learning Triangle learning tool is a Learning Philosophy this article tells how you'll learn to pitch
Speed Speeds to Expect Commentary
Location The catcher's glove is your target in general for where the pitch first crosses the plate. All you need to do is clip the zone where the umpire calls a strike. you need to master both corners and especially the bottom of the strike-zone.
Movement Repetitive Drills duh, its the spin - get the spin right and the movement will happen
Fastball Listen to your coaches and aim for perfect mechanics on this pitch early. Try to be upper 30s by 10U and then aim for adding approximately 4mph each year until 18U the fastball is a great setup pitch, just don't leave it close to the center of the plate.
Changeup Change Grip lots of different grips for this pitch fool the batter with fastball windup speed and pitch the change on the outside corner
Drop Drop Grip make sure you understand the importance of spin and the direction of spin
Rise Rise Grip you really need to generate speed early on this pitch since the release point is further back
Curve Palm up the pitch generally goes out and perhaps a little down. below belly-button release
Screwball Generally, this pitch is the opposite of the curve. The pitch comes inside and rises a little. I've been told that overuse of this pitch early on can lead to arm damage so minimize use until older
Pitch Selection Catchers Pitch Selection make sure the pitcher and catcher understand whats coming
Not My Best Stuff If you don't have your best stuff on any one pitch make sure the coach and catcher know. Adjustments can be made to the pitch sequence to fit your present ability. not all pitches will work every day - deal with it
Mechanics Pitching Mechanics
Fundamentals FP Softball Don't agree with everything here
Self-Defense Drills Hal Skinner says, "Pitchers get hit by line drives and screaming one hoppers. Batters also get hit by wild inside pitches. This is always a major concern at every level of play." practice, practice
Use Pitcher's Rubber Hal Skinner says use the pitcher's rubber strongest part of foot pushes
Vary Pitch Speed Hal Skinner says vary the ball speed Variable speed pitches
Fielding Pitcher Fielding Responsibilities Mike Lamson and pitcher
Pitching Coaches Hal Skinner list by state
Drills Drills Includes submitted suggestions
Stay Fired-Up Inspiration A winning attitude
Pitching Skills Kars Aces Tempo Drills
1996 Olympic Pitching analysis Pitching study
Fastpitch USA Creation and Transference of Pitching Power Throwing harder may not mean faster
Crow Hop in Fastpitch Most coaches have no idea what is a crow hop violation just listen to your pitching coach, most umpires don't call a crow hop
Fitter International TheraTube for throwing training see your pitching coach or your new pitching coach
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