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Tips, guidelines and organizations claiming they want to help you. You be the judge. My personal view is parents, coaches and players need to work together to determine the type of future you want in the competitive world of college Fastpitch.
Recruiting Barns 200 Barns
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Recruiting Database College recruiting assistance vendor They charge
College Selection Reality College opportunities article only 4,000 openings a year
College Checklist College tips for Fastpitch players Texas Challengers Scholarship Tips for Collegebound Athletes
Another Suggested Timeline College planning timeline read everything and make your own schedule
Cathi Aradi's Softball Recruiting Web Source Cathi Aradi's web site
Softrac Softball recruiting assistance and service commercial outfit with ASA connection
Rayburn Hesse Spy Softball.Com SPY provides reports on major ASA, PONY and other 18-U tournaments Softball Promotions for Youth
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