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I can't recall losing a foot race to any of my kids. Unfortunately I want all of them to run faster than their slow Dad. Most running material today talks about the need for Fast-twitch muscle firing faster and plyometrics training drills. And I always though I just had to move my feet faster.
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Baserunning Base running skills
World Coach How Fast Can He Run? from The World Coach Newsletter
James Madison University Strength and Conditioning Performance Principles - nuggets of information which apply to running its dry but good
Nebraska Huskers HUSKER POWER Performance Principles Train Explosively
Skyflex Shoe equipment used in plyometrics Does anybody, other than the company, know if this thing works?
Webball The Ballplayer as Athlete, a new training philosophy You can be taught to increase speed
Webball (key point) We must teach our feet to apply a greater force when impact with the ground is made. This can only be achieved with rapid movement of the feet. You can be taught to increase speed
Astros Speed Tips to apply jogging just doesn't cut it
Astros Running Mechanics to improve your speed just 3 to 5 minutes a day, come on, you can do it
Astros Acceleration is your speed need lots of good drills
EXP if anyone pays to use an 'expert' here let me know how it turns out
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