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Hey Blue - good job! That of course is what most would prefer to hear after every game. Unfortunately thatís not the case - and not because of Blue. Often coaches start the problem by bad-mouthing blue when in fact the pitcher simply needs to throw the ball somewhere near the zone. And hitters need to learn the zone is two 12-inch balls wider than the front of the plate.
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Gripes Gripes gripe about them
Officials ForumOfficials Forum for serious softball umpires
Greater Washington Softball Umpires Association DC area, Prince Georges and Montgomery counties in Maryland activities
Softball Discussion Board Softball Discussion Board primarily has topics of interest to Umpires pretty active compared to most
Umpires Links Links Page links to various umpire oriented information
Cactus Umpires Chat area regional umpire chat area
Umpire Classes Metro Cincinnati ASA classes umpire training classes
NFCA Umpire Satellite Clinic Online video presentation with the right equipment
Houston ASA ASA Houston Umpire Info (Houston, TX) Houston, TX
ASA South Florida ASA South Florida Umpire Information
ASA Umpire Index ASA Umpire Program Index national
Cactus Umpire Cactus Umpires An interesting and informative site for all softball umpires. Lots of stuff: rules, mechanics, registration forms, uniforms, message board, newsletters ... Arizona - Metro Phoenix ASA
Houston Umpires Houston ASA Houston, TX
NSA Umpires Indiana NSA Officiating Web Page - Info on Umpire Officiating Activities and Clinics Indiana NSA
Southwest Louisiana Umpires Lake Area Softball Officials Association An association of umpires dedicated to high quality officiating of high school softball serving Southwest Louisiana. Sulphur, LA
DC ASA Umpires Metropolitan Washington DC ASA Umpires Washington, DC
NSA Northeast Umpires Northeast NSA - Region 1 The official website of NSA Northeast region 1 states. Site includes umpire information and online rule book. Tournament listings for both youth fastpitch (ages 10u through 18u) and adult slowpitch states of MA, CT, RI VT, NY, ME, NH
Dayton Umpires Ohio (Southwest) USSSA Softball Site A single place for points of contact, tournament information, and other softball-related links for the area in and around Dayton/Middletown, Ohio. Dayton, OH
Umpire News Group Rec.Sport.Officiating Newsgroup requires email package having news groups enabled
Umpire Site Referee/Umpire Officiating Web Site from umpires perspective
Official ASA Rules Rules-Official ASA Rules: Instructions on how to obtain a book of ASA Softball Rules is listed as first question on this link page
St. Thomas & Aylmer Umpires' Association St. Thomas & Aylmer Umpires' Association The St. Thomas & Aylmer Umpires' Association was founded in 1942. We are well known throughout the country as a leader for top calibre officials in both Fastpitch and Slowpitch. Ontario, Canada
Massachusetts Umpire Southeastern Massachusetts Umpire Information Massachusetts
Ump-Attire, Inc Ump-Attire, Inc - For softball umpire apparel and equipment, check out www.ump-attire.com . This company holds the patent on the Umpire Ball Bag and is a distributor of Cliff Keen & Fechheimer. Also manufactures nylon or flannel lined v-neck oxford pullovers. Official supplier to the NSA, and the choice of thousands of baseball & softball umpires accross North America.
NSA Umpire School Umpire School (NSA) (Indiana) We put on a two day Umpire School around the third week-end of April each year. Superior Umpire Network
Typical Softball Umpire Show up on time, be consistent, don't provide reasons for fans to know you're there and you'll be a great umpire
MSF ASA Information Minnesota Sports Federation umpire information signup, clinics, uniform
When rocket science fails - UMPIRE He loves space and Fastpitch softball sounds like a good combination to me
Homerun Sports Umpire Equipment Canadian company
ASA Umpires ASA Umpires program information
Deaf Umpires Deaf Umpires Association Page
Babe Ruth Umpires Babe Ruth covers both baseball and softball softball a newer program
NW Arkansas In need of umpires Fastpitch umpires needed
A Poem A poem on Kacie's famous Fastpitch web site searches frequently return this web site
sportsofficials.com Gear Sales online store in Del Mar, CA
Fastpitch Plate MechanicsFastpitch Plate Mechanics for UmpiresA quick lesson for umpires
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