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  • Version: iOS
  • Size: 20.3 MB
  • Compatibility: iOS
  • Author: Popshow, Inc.
  • Content rating: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
  • Languages: English
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YOLO is one of the most popular social apps in AppStore for May 2019. Those who download YOLO: Q&A mostly want even more open communication on Snapchat, and they get it, but with some limitations.

Functionality 4/5

Though the app is distributed by an independent developer Popshow, it’s connected with Snapchat strongly. To authorize, you can use your phone number or Snapchat account. If you choose the latter, YOLO will fetch your username and Bitmoji avatar, if you have already generated it.

When you agree you want to receive anonymous messages, you need to create a reason for them. So YOLO launches Snapchat and suggests you make a photo or a video, and then adds an ASK ME ANYTHING sticker to it. You can send it to your friends or post to your story. If asked something, you can post the answer in your story next to the prompt.

The developers explicitly warn that those sending harassing messages will be de-anonymized and found. The app will use the data from your Snapchat profile as well as your phone number. Smart filters aren’t smart enough to recognize harassment with misspellings and hints, so you can just report such users. Their identity can be hidden from you, but not from the admins.

But there is something worse than receiving dirty messages: it’s receiving none. Chances are you will be asked and prompted to answer if you’re an active Snapchat user.

Design 5/5

The app seems to have no “design” at all. In fact, it’s a launcher for making a sending a snap or a video on Snapchat, and an add-on for anonymous communication. It can be compared to how Disqus enriches sites by adding comments to almost any post. But still, when using YOLO, you use, in fact, Snapchat with some enhancements.

Usability 4/5

When you want to create a post in your story or a photo for group discussing, you start with YOLO as a launcher for Snapchat. Then you do it with regular Snapchat tools. But only those of your friends who use YOLO too can participate, comment, or answer.

Cross-platform use 4/5

The app is only available on iOS (though there are some YOLO stickers for Android, they have nothing in common with this app). You can have it on your iPad, but its interface is only designed for iPhone, so on tablets it will look distorted.

This also means that only your Snapchat friends with iPhones can communicate with you in YOLO, and that’s a more serious issue to solve.

In-app purchases

The app is free, with no paid content at all. It’s even strange to write a YOLO review without what-you-pay-for section, but it’s a fact.

The Bottom Line

If you want some frank and open communication in Snapchat, and you’re not afraid to give away what’s really private, download YOLO Q&A and get your soul tickled. You can as well ask someone a question you wouldn’t dare to under your real name. But the line is easy to cross, and the responsibility is yours, even if you’re formally protected.

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YOLO is worth downloading if Snapchat means more for you than, say, WhatsApp or Instagram, and when you’re ready to face questions you won’t like.

Pros : YOLO fosters honest communication;
It enhances your Snapchat experience;
You’re motivated to generate more impact on others’ lives;
You attract more attention with it.

Cons : It’s a perfect environment for harassing and bullying;
It’s only fun if you’re an active SnapChat user.

Functionality 4

Design 5

Usability 4

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 4.3


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