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Are Dog Clothes Really Useful?

When it comes to dog clothes, there are still many people who consider them useless and the exclusive result of the whims of the owners.

These are prejudices that are difficult to erase: dog clothes, especially small ones, not only have an aesthetic function but are also useful when not indispensable in certain situations.

Many dogs suffer from low temperatures and, even more, sudden changes in temperature: the transition from the heat of the apartment to the cold of the park can lead to colds and in certain situations even more serious diseases, clothing for dogs becomes very important and, among other things, will also keep your pet cleaner.

As in all situations, you need a minimum of common sense to assess what to wear to your dog: if you live in a city that has temperatures bearable even in winter and you have a large dog with long hair, perhaps a race accustomed to a harsh climate, it is intuitive that your four-legged friend will not need coats for dogs, but some kind of coverage is recommended for many breeds, especially for those of small size and / or short hair.

If during the summer there is less need for these measures (but there are summer clothes in cotton and other light fabrics) is in winter that we must be more careful to airstrokes and temperature changes, reminding us also to wear a garment waterproof to our animal in case of walk in the rain.

The ideal winter clothes for dogs are those that provide some kind of padding in wool or other heavy fabric that can be removed as needed: so you will have two different dog clothes depending on the needs and temperatures.

Do not feel embarrassed to dress your dog, his health is much more important than what a passer-by may think, and while you are there, once certain of the quality of the fabrics, you can also vent your imagination by choosing the models and colors that you like most and seem most suitable for your puppy.

In addition to the quality of the materials, the other fundamental obligation to respect is to take care of the measures: you will not always be able to try on the dress before buying, so it is better to always have the exact size of your pet available.

There are three important measures: neck circumference, chest circumference and length, all can be taken with a normal tape measure and while the length is the least important with the other two you have to be quite precise, remembering then to add a few inches of margin to make your four-legged friend feel more comfortable!

Wool Dog Coats

Woolen dog coats, often crocheted or knitted, are the ideal choice for winter days when the sun shines high in the sky. Your four-legged friends don’t need protection from water, humidity or wind these days, but they certainly need to feel their bodies warm, especially if you’re used to taking them out of the house early in the morning or around sunset in the evening.

Knitted dog coats and crochet dog coats can of course also be made at home directly by you if knitting needles and crochet are your passion, but to tell you the truth we strongly recommend you to choose those already on the market of the best brands for animals that are certainly made in a more professional way, thinking about the maximum possible welfare for your pets. However, it is not always easy to find a wide choice, especially in small towns, and it is therefore advisable to consult the online shops, which in this case have a richer assortment, which also includes clothes for dogs for weddings and ceremonies, clothes for dogs and luxury brands, suits, pyjamas and other solutions such as hats or even shoes.

Waterproof Dog Clothes

The waterproof dog coats are designed to provide excellent protection for your four-legged friends during rainy and wet days. This will prevent your dog’s coat from getting too wet, resulting in colds or other seasonal ailments. Not only that, the waterproof coats also offer excellent protection against the wind. Many even have a fleece lining on the inside: this type of fleece dog coat is the ideal choice to ensure intense heat on rainy, windy winter days.

Many models also have a practical hood. Hooded coats are especially suitable on days when the rain falls very heavily or when the wind is unbearable even for humans, an extra protection that, believe us, your four-legged friends will really appreciate. We strongly recommend that you choose, if possible, a model with a detachable hood. This way you can detach it when you don’t need it, preventing it from bothering your dog.

The dog coats have another trump card in their sleeve, they are perfect in fact also to avoid that the hair of your four-legged friend gets too dirty. Puddles and mud on rainy days can dirty the hair and make it difficult for you to return home, a return certainly not relaxing as you will have to clean your pet. With the use of a waterproof coat instead you can relax: just clean the legs of your dog to let him back into the house.

How to Choose the Model of Coat

The model of the dog coat should be chosen, as we have just shown, based on the winter days when you usually go out, but it is also very important to take into account the age of your dog and the activities that you are used to doing with him.

You should consider that puppy dog coats should certainly be much warmer than those for adult dogs. This is because puppies need warmth and pampering. They also feel colder more easily because they get tired and often prefer to go around their master’s neck rather than walk. Adult dogs, but still quite young, need less heat also because they are very active and run really fast and cheerful. Obviously, if it is a question of coats for hunting dogs or if you are used to jogging with your dogs, the heat will have to be even less intense. Older dogs, on the other hand, just like puppies, need particularly high heat.

Finally, you should also consider the size of your dog. Smaller dog coats are much easier to find than large ones and are certainly available in a much wider range of models. This is because small dogs are much more in need of protection than large dogs. Despite this, the market for dog coats is growing very much and you won’t have any problem in dressing even the biggest dogs, we can assure you. But you must necessarily read the size carefully and what measures it corresponds to and measure your dog before proceeding with the purchase, otherwise you will not be able to guarantee the right protection.

Dog Coats Online

You can make this purchase in pet shops where, however, the models available are few and the prices high. To find cheap and high quality dog clothes you can choose the web. The best dog coats for sale online can be found on Amazon that allows you to browse through a very extensive product catalog to find the perfect model for your specific needs.

We remind you that the dog coats on Amazon allow you to access excellent customer service so as to dispel any doubts you may have before purchasing and so as to obtain the replacement of the product or the refund of money in case of problems. We also remind you that on Amazon many models of coats for dogs on offer have prices really balance.

Clothing for Dogs: Discovering Clothes

In addition to the dog coats mentioned above, there are now also many items of clothing for dogs available on the market. Dog clothes are the ideal choice especially for small dogs, to be worn during the coldest winter days when it doesn’t rain and there is no wind, to be worn even indoors, to be worn even in summer in the case of rooms that are too much air-conditioned.

The most popular models are the knitted clothes for dogs and the crocheted clothes for dogs, obviously made of wool in order to ensure the maximum possible warmth. Today, however, fleece clothes are also very popular, to ensure intense heat even on the coldest winter days. For the mid-season, on the other hand, sweatshirt or cotton clothes are widespread, to allow your animal friends to be sheltered and protected, but without sweating excessively.

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