Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Not Met Sales Target – Square Enix President

Henry Garcia


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Not Met Sales Target – Square Enix President

Square Enix President Takashi Kiryu expressed frustration during an earnings call analysis session with Bloomberg that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth did not achieve the anticipated launch momentum and fell short of the company's internal sales projections. Square Enix has not disclosed the specifics of these sales figures or the exact targets.

When Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launched in February exclusively on the PlayStation 5, expectations were high. However, despite its exclusivity and the franchise's loyal fan base, the game only managed to grab the fourth spot on the best-seller list for the year 2024 in the US.

The overall performance of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the franchise ranks it at the 14th position in U.S. sales. This is in sharp contrast to Final Fantasy 7 Remake from 2020, which holds the title as the region's second-best-selling installment of the franchise.

Comparative early reports also highlighted that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's sales volume was just half of what Final Fantasy 7 Remake achieved during the same period post-launch, although it was the second highest-selling game in February in the US. This sales discrepancy mirrors Square Enix's challenges despite the game's significant market presence during its release month.


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