NCMEC Launches “Take It Down” Tool to End Online Exploitation of Minors

Henry Garcia


NCMEC Launches “Take It Down” Tool to End Online Exploitation of Minors

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has just announced the launch of its new platform, “Take It Down”, designed to help remove sexually explicit images of minors from the internet. Meta provided initial funding for this free-to-use tool which allows users to anonymously report and remove such content from participating platforms like Facebook, Instagram, OnlyFans, Pornhub and Yubo.

The Take It Down service is primarily designed for minors to self-report any sexual images or videos involving themselves. However, even adults who appeared in such content when they were under 18 years old can also use the service to report and take down it down from the internet. In addition, parents or other trusted adults can make a report on behalf of a child as well.

Once reported by a user or parent/guardian on behalf of a minor involved in an exploitative image or video online, NCMEC will then contact partner websites hosting such content to request removal based on their terms of service agreements with them. This process has been made more efficient due to automated tools developed by companies such as Microsoft, which are intended to identify exploitative imagery hosted across multiple sites quickly and accurately.

This new initiative marks an important milestone in fighting against cyber exploitation. However, there are still more steps which need to be taken for us all feel safe while using digital spaces online - particularly our youth population, who are at higher risk than ever before due recent technological advancements over recent years providing more opportunities for cyber criminals targeting vulnerable victims. We must continue working together towards finding ways we can protect our children while also making sure victims have access tools like Take It Down so they can get justice when these wrongs occurr against them.

With this new platform launched by NCMEC in collaboration with Meta and several popular websites around the globe dedicated towards eliminating exploitation against minors on the internet , we hope that children all over world now have better protection against becoming victims of online exploitation than ever before!


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