PC Gamers to Enjoy Early Access to Baldur's Gate III as PS5 Prepares for a Delay

Henry Garcia


PC Gamers to Enjoy Early Access to Baldur's Gate III as PS5 Prepares for a Delay

Baldur's Gate III, one of the most anticipated RPGs by Larian Studios, will reportedly be available earlier on PC compared to PlayStation 5 (PS5). While PC users can rejoice at the opportunity to venture into the Forgotten Realms sooner, PS5 gaming enthusiasts must exercise a bit more patience.

Players of this highly awaited sequel to the classic RPG series have been longing for the game since its announcement in 2019. Larian Studios, the celebrated creators of the Divinity: Original Sin series, have taken the reins from BioWare to develop Baldur's Gate III. Given Larian's reputation for complexity and experimentation, the game promises to deliver a rich, immersive experience. 

Enhanced graphics, layered story-telling, dynamic environments, and decision-driven progression are some of the features expected from this sequel. The game is strongly based on the Dungeons & Dragons mechanics, which also formed the crux of the original Baldur's Gate RPGs. The unveiling of early access will give the eagerly waiting players a chance to peek into Baldur's Gate III's expansive and thrilling world before its full release.

Despite the good news for PC users, unfortunately for PS5 players, the console's release date remains uncertain. The strategic role-playing game was initially suspected of launching on both gaming mediums simultaneously. However, recent developments suggest a delay for PS5 based on undisclosed reasons.

The differential in launch dates between the two platforms might create mixed feelings among gaming fans. Prolonged waiting time can indeed be frustrating for PS5 players. However, it promises a silver lining with a more polished, thoroughly tested, and glitch-free gaming experience. Baldur's Gate III brings back nostalgia while aiming to scale new heights in the world of role-playing games. As players anticipate the full release, the early access on PC is a welcome taster for those eager to embark on this exciting new journey.


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