Play New Characters in Genshin Impact

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Play New Characters in Genshin Impact

- Genshin Impact is getting even more popular each day. It is a beloved game by million of players around the world. New characters are one of the main attractions of this colorful fantasy world. You don’t want to miss them focusing on only one hero you are used to.

HoYoverse is constantly polishing the game, adding something or someone new there. You can explain the game’s success through this smart strategy of developers. Each time they release new heroes, the new audiences emerge, and the old one is activated. Here are the best ways to check out new participants.

Recruit new characters

You may find new characters during the Archon quest. This is the first quest in the leading story. You will recruit some NPCs automatically. Here is the list:

- Amber. Uses pyro powers and is great with a bow. After Paimon, she will be the second whom you see. It will happen during the first 10 minutes of the game;

- Lisa. Electro powers and catalyst. To receive her as your accomplice, you need to finish the quest called Sparks Amongst the Pages. This is part of prologue series of quests;

- Kaeya. She uses cryo powers and a sword. To recruit her to finish the Crash Course quest;

- Noelle. Has geo powers and claymore. She can be skipped or just missed. You need to have the ability to wish. If you wish beginner’s banner, you receive Noelle in 10 first wishes.

Recruit extra characters

And here is how you can recruit those characters you don’t really need for your quests. You will not receive them automatically. They are not part of the original cast. Here are they:

- Ziangling. The pyro powers and polearm. You can unlock her once you reach the Adventure Rank 20 in the Spiral Abyss. To do it, clear the chamber 3 on the floor 3;

- Barbara. Hydro powers and catalysts. You need to get the Adventure Rank 18 to release her. There will be a quest called A Long Shot. Complete it and take the new character to your team.

Buy characters you want

Use the Masterless Starglitter to buy all the characters you want. You will see them in the Paimon shot. Use Masterless Starglitter for them. You can accumulate it once you receive the duplicates of some characters and weapons. The weapon must be of five or four stars, not less. Read the conversion rates to receive basic ideas on the trade:

- Pay 2 Masterless Starglitter for 4-star non-C6 characters;

- Pay 10 Masterless Starglitter for 5-star non-C6 characters;

- Pay 10 Masterless Starglitter for 5-star weapons;

- Pay 25 Masterless Starglitter for 4-star C6+ characters;

- Pay 5 Masterless Starglitter for 4-star C6+ characters;

- Pay 2 Masterless Starglitter for 4-star weapons.

You can easily enter the store in the game by tapping the icon with Paimon. Open the Shop and pick Paimon’s Bargains. You will find their option called Starglitter Exchange. Now you can pick those you need the most. Each month the purchasable characters change. You may buy just one copy and not more.

Take part in events

If you want to receive unique characters, your best option is to take part in limited quests during events. You will require the pre-requisites before you will be able to take the quest, including the Adventure Rank. You will have to finish certain world quests or take part in the Archon quest acts. Finish the quest usually grants you new exclusive weapons and characters.

Explore Your Possibilities

Although new characters look interesting to play with, and many of us prefer to explore new powers they have instead of focusing on new quests, you have to concentrate on the game. New wins bring you new characters. If you want to receive more great heroes, you have to master your skills and move through the game.

Do you like Genshin Impact? Who is your favorite character there, and why? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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