Rediscovering Wonder: The Surreal Bestiary of Hermetica's 16th Century Universe

Henry Garcia


Rediscovering Wonder: The Surreal Bestiary of Hermetica's 16th Century Universe

Imagine stepping into a world where the boundaries between myth and reality blur, a world that resurrects the fantastical creatures of the 16th century with an innovative twist. "Hermetica," a new roguelike deckbuilder game, offers just that — a menagerie of bizarre and wonderfully strange beasts that are as intriguing as they are entertaining.

At its core, Hermetica is a battle of wits and strategy, set against the backdrop of Toledo, Spain, during the Renaissance. Players take on the role of an alchemist, navigating through challenging scenarios, with each level propelling you into the delightful abyss of historical fantasy. The combat is turn-based, inviting you to engage with the landscape's peculiarities, all while collecting alchemical ingredients to fortify your abilities.

The game shines brightest through its creature design — an homage to the carta marina and other ancient texts where the line between real and imagined sea monsters was wonderfully indistinct. The creatures encountered range from multi-headed chimeras to sentient vegetables, each more fascinating than the last. The mere act of exploring this game's universe becomes a source of joy, as every corner promises a new, odd delight.

Beyond the captivating art, Hermetica presents a spatial dimension where movement is key. Each card influences not only your offense but also your position on the grid, injecting a tactical layer into every action. As players dodge traps and cope with environmental challenges, they find themselves in a dance with the absurd, all to the tune of strategic card play.

In conclusion, Hermetica is an ode to the whimsical and wild imaginations of the past, brought to life with modern gaming expertise. Its creatures, both grotesque and endearing, compel players to see the world through the lens of Renaissance surrealism, making each playthrough not just a game but a journey into the extraordinary. As such, Hermetica is not just a game to be played but an experience to be savored — a peculiar adventure that rekindles the childlike wonder inside every seasoned gamer.


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