RPG Survival Hit Enshrouded Surpasses 1 Million Players Despite Tough Launch Timing

Henry Garcia


RPG Survival Hit Enshrouded Surpasses 1 Million Players Despite Tough Launch Timing

Despite the buzz surrounding the launch of the highly viral open-world game Palworld, the RPG survival title Enshrouded has carved its own path to success. The developers at Keen Games have been taken aback by the game's reception, with Enshrouded drawing in over a million players in just four days following its Early Access debut. The excitement and positive feedback from the gaming community have truly humbled them.

Keen Games shared their gratitude on Steam, expressing heartfelt thanks to their player base while teasing that Enshrouded's journey is really just getting underway. With the game slated to round off its Early Access phase within the upcoming year, there's a sense that this marks just the onset of their ambitious venture.

The development team is already hard at work, planning upcoming updates in response to community input. They extended their appreciation to players who have contributed suggestions and identified issues, emphasizing their commitment to sculpting Enshrouded into something markedly excellent. They intend for their game to stand out as a unique and cherished experience, strengthened by their community's support.

Community feedback has indeed been a driving factor, with widespread requests for adjustments to the game's quest progression system. Specifically, players are calling for a revamp to prevent a single player in a 16-player server from completing quests on behalf of everyone, including those not actively online. Additionally, there's a push for increasing the game's difficulty, with certain regions of the world needing more hazardous elements that players must contend with to survive.

With a soaring number of "very positive" Steam reviews, Enshrouded is basking in acclaim, boasting an 84% approval rating from 13,598 users. What is perhaps most remarkable is that this is only the second such title from Keen Games, following the charming sandbox action RPG Portal Knights, which was released in 2017. Within a mere four-day window, Enshrouded has nearly matched the total reviews of Portal Knights and with a marginally higher overall rating, signaling a bright future ahead for the title.


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