Sony is in “Very Early Preliminary Discussions” About Bringing Helldivers 2 to Xbox – Rumour

Olivia Hernandez


Sony is in “Very Early Preliminary Discussions” About Bringing Helldivers 2 to Xbox – Rumour

Sony is reportedly in the early stages of discussions about potentially launching Helldivers 2, an acclaimed co-op shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, on Xbox Series X/S. This move comes as Sony increasingly embraces a multiplatform release strategy, particularly for PC, capitalizing on the success seen with titles like Helldivers 2, which has performed exceptionally well on PC since its simultaneous launch with PS5.

Nick Baker, the co-founder of XboxEra, shared on their podcast that although these talks are in their infancy, and the outcome remains uncertain, Sony is actively considering expanding the game’s reach to include the Xbox audience. This consideration follows a growing trend within Sony to target broader audiences beyond their traditional PlayStation platform, as evidenced by their recent push towards more PC releases.

Sony has not formally addressed the idea of Sony releasing games on rival platforms akin to Microsoft’s approach. However, the live service nature of Helldivers 2 makes the Xbox demographic a potentially ideal audience for the game. Earlier in the year, interim PlayStation CEO Hiroki Totoki expressed a desire to aggressively expand their multiplatform presence, particularly on PC, to boost profitability from their first-party titles. Whether this strategy will extend to platforms like the Xbox remains to be seen.

These discussions have been highlighted amidst comments from Xbox head Phil Spencer, who earlier expressed discontent over Helldivers 2 not being available on Xbox platforms, underscoring the potential market and interest from the Xbox community for the game.


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