Square Enix Cancels Long-Delayed Just Cause: Mobile Game

Henry Garcia


Square Enix Cancels Long-Delayed Just Cause: Mobile Game

Square Enix, a recognized name in the gaming industry, has officially scrapped Just Cause: Mobile. The game faced constant delays since its announcement, and even after a short regional early access program, it could not make it to a full-scale release. This development serves as a serious disappointment for numerous fans eagerly awaiting the mobile extension of the famed action shooter.

Originally announced during The Game Awards 2021 alongside a new Hitman game, Just Cause: Mobile was pitched as a free-to-play action shooter set within the renowned Just Cause universe. It was supposed to bring an elaborate gaming experience featuring 30-person competitive modes, four-player co-op functionality, and even included options for single-player indulgence.

Regrettably, the journey of Just Cause: Mobile is trapped within multiple setbacks, majorly regarding its launch timeline. It was subjected to frequent delays despite assurances of a release in 2021. Square Enix was able only to kickstart an early access program regionally in Singapore, marking a feeble tick on its launch checklist for global deployment.

By last year's end, Square Enix announced an indefinite layoff for the game's final release date doubling concern around its future among loyal fans. Eventually ringing bells towards disappointment, this delay announcement followed regional early access cut-off across all existing regions in February 2022, marking an end to any anticipation around its revival.

In closing terms, while the cancellation of Just Cause: Mobile leaves a lingering vacuum among its followers, news about working progress on 'Just Cause 5' stirs up remnants of hope, albeit bereft of any definitive launch detail. Evidently, despite setbacks & disappointments recently around certain titles, Square Enix’s legacy continues to hold firm with its prospective engaging projects up its sleeve.


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