Telegram Introduces Infinite Emoji Reactions and Statuses

Olivia Hernandez


Telegram Introduces Infinite Emoji Reactions and Statuses

Telegram updates are always significant and spectacular. The recent one makes communication on Telegram even brighter, adding infinite emoji reactions, better login for iOS users, smoother in-app animations, and a new format for profile URL. All of these changes came with detailed explanations on the official blog.

When it comes to emoji reactions, the more the better. Telegram added more emoji to both free and premium users, enabling them to react to posts and messages in even more ways. This also led to redesigning the reaction panel, with a down arrow that opens the regular emoji list. If you scroll down a bit, you will see the premium packs (Duck, Cherry, Fox, Frog etc.), which can be unlocked by subscribing.

Premium users will also be able to use emoji in their statuses, though it will be displayed instead of their Premium badge. Also, they will be able to react with emoji to messages in both private and group chats; it depends, though, on whether the admin has enabled the emoji reactions, and if so, which ones are allowed.

Another update now transforms profile URL to, which is simpler than previously. Also it removes the necessity to search for the slash key which can be hidden or misplaced on some virtual keyboards. In addition, it opens the possibility to use more nicknames that end with “t”, just skipping it in the nickname itself.

Finally, those on iOS will see the animations on the login page, so it’s no more an Android prerogative. They will also be able to log in with Apple or Google and use their email address for receiving the login code. Those on Android 13, in the meantime, will enjoy automatic support of icon packs.

Have you already updated your Telegram to v9.0? How do you like these new features? If you are a Premium user, what about Premium updates? Share your impressions with us in the comments if you please!


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