TikTok Insights Go Local with a Recent Update

Olivia Hernandez


TikTok Insights Go Local with a Recent Update

As you plan to improve your campaign performance on TikTok, there is nothing more valuable than a good, related insight. And TikTok’s got some. Now it adds even more of them to Creative Center, the platform used to keep up with the trends. The updated version lets you even more precisely watch the trends by location and age group.

The new insight board has separate charts for trending songs, creators, hashtags, and videos. By watching these, you can learn what’s popular now – not only in the world or in a certain country, but also within a certain demographic group that makes the core of your target audience.
And this information is not only provided for the current moment. For each song, video, hashtag, or person, you can track the history of their popularity and try to predict its further trajectory. Even more important is the ability to see the related interests of users who engages with it. The Analytics button appears next to each name on the list.

It’s precious that this data can be generated for a certain region. If you plan a campaign in multiple regions, you can adjust it for each of them according to local preferences and trends. The related interests chart will also cover those of people living in the selected region. The same applies to creators, the popularity of which is often even more location related.

What can it help you with? Well, if you plan to collaborate with influencers during your campaign, the new insights will help you to choose the most appropriate candidates that are popular within a certain region and among certain demographic groups. If you plan to make yourself an influencer, trends and tracks will show you what’s popular now, so you can either join the trends or challenge them; in both cases, knowing them is helpful.

What do you think about these insights? How do you think they will influence marketing on TikTok? Will the ads you see be more relevant? And if you are an advertiser or a merchant, how will you use that in your campaigns? We’d like to see your responses in the comments!



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