TikTok Is To Host Its First-Ever Worldwide Gaming Event in November 2022

Henry Garcia


TikTok Is To Host Its First-Ever Worldwide Gaming Event in November 2022

While the popular short-form video hub TikTok might not strike you as a gaming platform, the company itself believes that it is where the very future of gaming is unfolding. Top publishers now actively use TikTok to launch and promote their new games, build massive player communities, and encourage new entertainment-hungry audiences to discover and engage with their products. The platform’s plans are ambitious, too: to be recognized as the gaming industry’s best and shortest path to growth.

It is under this vision that TikTok has presented its first-ever global gaming event scheduled to take place online on November 2, 2022. A bunch of leading gaming creators and publishers will make an appearance at the event dubbed ‘TikTok Made Me Play It’ to talk about how the platform helps promote games and further popularize gaming. They will also discuss TikTok's key trends, metrics, and statistics that gaming companies can use to their advantage.

The list of event speakers includes Electronic Arts and 2K reps, VR game vlogger VBunny Go, self-taught game developer Stephen Ddungu, American gaming influencer Michelle Statham, aka Tactical Gramma, and others. ‘TikTok Made Me Play It’ will be broadcasted live over the Internet across two separate sessions – at 11 am ET and 10 pm ET, respectively.

Considering how gaming is such a powerful impact on online culture, with many top-performing stars from various platforms becoming increasingly more interested in being associated with all things gaming, the upcoming event might be the right place and time to explore new and exciting opportunities that the TikTok-enabled partnership between creators and gaming brands can offer.

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