Tinder Set to Roll Out High-End Membership and Gen Z Catered Product Refresh

Olivia Hernandez


Tinder Set to Roll Out High-End Membership and Gen Z Catered Product Refresh

Popular dating platform Tinder is all set to introduce a fresh 'high-end' membership and an extensively upgraded product update this coming fall. The ambitious plan was disclosed by the parent company, Match Group, during their Q2 2023 earnings release. The proposed updates are aimed at satisfying the evolving needs of Gen Z users, a demographic that constitutes a major portion of Tinder's user base.

The 'high-end' membership offering was previously hinted at by Tinder's CPO, Mark Van Ryswyk, during an interview with Fast Company. According to Van Ryswyk, the premium membership is slated to be priced at $500 per month and is tentatively named "Tinder Vault". The upcoming membership option is an obvious attempt to cater to a specific, premium sector of the dating market.

Van Ryswyk also sheds light on the inspiration behind the new premium offering. He credits the insights gained from Match Group's acquisition of The League, another high-end dating app, in July 2022. Apparently, the experience from managing The League, which could cost users up to $1000 per week, left a profound influence on the planning and structuring of the "Tinder Vault".

But that's not all. Tinder is also looking to optimize its products to better cater to its Gen Z users. The service will undergo a significant product refresh, expected to be rolled out in the second half of the year. An exciting array of features like prompts, quizzes, and conversation starters will be part of the update aimed at facilitating engaging interactions. The updates also plan to bank on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to present the most relevant content to appropriate users.

To sum it up, Tinder is marching ahead with its high-end membership and product refresh strategy. The deliberate emphasis on Gen Z user needs demonstrates Tinder's commitment to staying relevant and competitive in the ever-dynamic digital dating market. With promises of improved user engagement and AI-driven content personalization, the dating platform is ready to further solidify its foothold in the online dating arena.


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