Valheim’s Ashlands Update is Now Live for Public Testing, First Gameplay Revealed

Henry Garcia


Valheim’s Ashlands Update is Now Live for Public Testing, First Gameplay Revealed

Iron Gate Studios has unveiled a complex new area in Valheim, the Ashlands, now accessible for public testing on Steam. As the game approaches its final stages, this latest biome introduces an environment filled with lava and dangerous new foes like the Valkyrie. Despite the dangers, there are enticing new armor and weapons to discover, making the venture into this fiery land rewarding.

Participants in this testing phase are advised to create backups of their worlds and characters to avoid data loss. It's crucial that all participants use the same testing branch for multiplayer sessions. Those who have tested previous versions should initiate a new world to experience the content optimally.

Navigating to the Ashlands requires maritime travel. Constructing bases here comes with its own set of challenges, as protective measures against volcanic activity are essential. Additionally, the shifting terrain can pose a threat to the stability of structures. Positioned as the final frontier before the Deep North, Ashland offers a significantly challenging environment, prompting players to either come well-prepared or adjust World Modifiers for a tailored experience.

The update is expansive, introducing over 30 new weapon types, three distinct armor sets, and an array of over 70 new building components. Additionally, adventurers will encounter more than ten new creatures and can enhance their crafting capabilities with five new station upgrades. The biome is also enriched with fresh events, gameplay mechanics, musical tracks, and a variety of new consumables, including food items and potions.

This dynamic addition to Valheim is set to test the skills and creativity of its players, offering new tools and challenges that enrich the game's expansive world.


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