Virgin Media O2 Claims Warzone 2 Has Highest Content Download Rates

Olivia Hernandez


Virgin Media O2 Claims Warzone 2 Has Highest Content Download Rates

Debuted on November 16, Warzone 2.0 is growing in popularity. This is confirmed by information from a variety of sources. One of these sources was a British Internet provider, who reported that on the day of the release of the new part of the game of the Warzone 2.0 universe, this company observed an unprecedented traffic surge, which, according to its assurances, became the most significant in the entire history of events related to the category of computer games.

Virgin Media O2 claims that on November 16, the day of the game's release and its highest number of launches, data transfer rates were 33% faster than Modern Warfare II and 76% faster for Warzone. According to the representatives of the provider, they are firmly convinced that it is the games and their popularity that determine the demand of users for stable high-speed Internet. And in view of this, they carefully monitor the dynamics of such processes. In 2022, a similar record has already been broken previously by other Call of Duty games, namely Modern Warfare and Warzone.

It's worth noting that CoD: Warzone 2.0 was released simultaneously for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and is free-to-play. CoD: Warzone 2.0 also set another Steam activity record, and not even the highest player ratings stop the influx of players.

Obviously, such indicators of popularity speak first of all in favor of the developer's marketing strategy, as well as high brand trust based on previous products. Meanwhile, there is a lot of confidence that the game is really good and deserves attention, and all those minor flaws that are described in the reviews on Steam will be eliminated by the developers over time.
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