WhatsApp Web Set to Enhance User Privacy with Upcoming Chat Lock Feature

Olivia Hernandez


WhatsApp Web Set to Enhance User Privacy with Upcoming Chat Lock Feature

WhatsApp is taking steps to boost security and privacy for its Web client users by working on implementing the Chat Lock feature, a security measure already available on its Android and iOS platforms. This feature allows for the locking of individual chats, which adds an additional security layer to keep sensitive conversations private.

According to insider information shared by WABetaInfo, a padlock icon was spotted in a leaked image alongside other sidebar elements like Archived Chats and Starred Messages. It is assumed that this padlock will represent the locked chats, which will require an extra form of authentication to access, potentially through passwords or biometric methods such as passkeys, where biometric identifiers could be used instead of conventional passwords.

Meanwhile, to improve the user experience, WhatsApp Web is poised to unveil a redesigned sidebar and a new color palette for its dark mode. The intention is to alleviate the discomfort of using the app in dimly lit environments and to synchronize the aesthetic with other platforms belonging to the company.

Looking at mobile developments, WhatsApp is focusing on integrating passkeys for iOS, allowing for passwordless authentication. This feature would be available for iPhone models starting from the XR version that has been updated to iOS 17, enabling these devices to utilize passkeys within the WhatsApp application.

On the Android side, a feature reminiscent of Android's Quick Share is in the pipeline. This would enable Android users to share files with nearby individuals discreetly and securely without sharing their phone numbers with those who aren't in their contacts list. The sharing process is expected to be protected by end-to-end encryption to safeguard users' privacy.


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