Zoom Expands to Apple TV with New 'Zoom - for HomeTV' App

Olivia Hernandez


Zoom Expands to Apple TV with New 'Zoom - for HomeTV' App

Zoom is broadening its reach by launching a new app called 'Zoom - for HomeTV,' specifically designed for the Apple TV, showcasing the company's drive to make its video conferencing services more accessible to a diverse customer base.

The recently introduced app, distinct from its iOS and iPadOS counterparts, is compatible with the second-generation Apple TV 4K models and beyond. This expansion to the Apple TV platform enhances Zoom's versatility, making it a fitting choice for professional settings like office meeting rooms or casual uses such as family gatherings in the living room.

Now More Accessible on Apple TV

Functionality is not compromised on the Apple TV app – users can join and initiate calls with ease. The inclusion of familiar features like in-meeting chat, breakout rooms, and calendar integration ensures the app retains its robust capabilities akin to the desktop version.

Users aiming to utilize the app on their home television screens will require additional Apple gadgets. The process leverages iOS 17's recently debuted Continuity Camera feature, necessitating a suitable iPhone or iPad to serve as an external webcam. Also needed is a holder or MagSafe connector to position the device aptly.

Debuted in September 2023, the Continuity Camera feature opened up for FaceTime users, marking a tech evolution years after high-end televisions started integrating cameras for similar conferencing purposes. Apple's wireless setup emerged as highly adaptable, capitalizing on devices that many users already own.

Zoom's integration streak has reached beyond the Apple ecosystem, with the service already embedded in environments like Zoom Rooms and even an application tailored for Tesla's in-car screens. Though safety measures dictate the Tesla app reverts to audio-only calls while driving, it represents Zoom's innovative efforts in diverse technological landscapes.

Even users who are invested in other systems need not feel left behind. Zoom's interoperable nature with services like Google Meet hints at a future where tech giants such as Google and Microsoft might soon introduce their own Apple TV applications, furthering the integration of video conferencing across platforms.


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