A Sneak Peek into the Bronze Age with Total War: Pharaoh

Henry Garcia


A Sneak Peek into the Bronze Age with Total War: Pharaoh

For fans of historical strategy games, Total War: Pharaoh's foray into the Bronze Age Collapse is sure to spark intrigue. The game, developed by Creative Assembly, offers a unique blend of historical accuracy and imaginative gameplay, allowing players to shape history to their liking. During a recent preview event, we got an early look at the campaign mode, and it seems to be shaping up to be an exciting, immersive experience.

Diving into the Campaign

The campaign mode puts players in control of one of the many factions of the period, each fighting for survival as the world crumbles around them. The preview allowed us to experience the life of Ramesses, the game's mascot, as he struggles to maintain control in a rapidly changing world. With a few cities under our control, the choices were endless - should we expand aggressively, build diplomatic relations, or prepare for the coming invasion of the Sea People?

Experiencing the Battles

One hallmark of the Total War series is its immersive battles, and Total War: Pharaoh is no different. The preview showcased a unique weather forecast feature that adds unexpected challenges to the battlefield. For instance, a rainy condition could affect the accuracy of archers, while a foggy environment can obscure visibility. The game's units felt more substantial, with increased control over their movements, making for an engaging battle experience.

The Intricacies of Victory Points

The victory points system is another interesting feature of Total War: Pharaoh. Players can accumulate points by achieving various objectives, such as capturing regions, holding strategic cities, and accomplishing feats. These points determine the level of victory players can achieve - minor, major, or ultimate victory. With many ways to earn points, players can choose their path to victory according to their preferred play style.

City Management and Diplomacy

In addition to managing battles, players also need to focus on city-building and diplomacy. The game features an outpost system where players can construct smaller settlements across the map, adding another layer of strategic depth. Moreover, players can also choose deities to worship, granting various bonuses and strengths. Navigating the Egyptian court system also offers opportunities for intrigue and advantage, with the ability to plot against other court members.

Surviving the Collapse

The game also introduces the Pillars of Civilization feature, representing the stability of the world in three tiers. As the world descends into chaos, players need to work together with other factions to prevent a total collapse. However, the arrival of the Sea People adds an additional layer of complexity, threatening to destabilize your civilization.

Our preview run of Total War: Pharaoh ended in defeat, but the journey was full of excitement and challenge. With its rich blend of historical accuracy and imaginative gameplay, Total War: Pharaoh promises a thrilling ride back into the Bronze Age Collapse. We look forward to the full release and the chance to dive deeper into this fascinating era.


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