A Whirlwind Tour of Every Faction in the Universe: Starfield All Factions List

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A Whirlwind Tour of Every Faction in the Universe: Starfield All Factions List

If you’re looking to explore the depths of space and become a part of a larger universe, Bethesda’s upcoming game Starfield is certainly worth keeping an eye on. The game will feature multiple factions that all have their own unique ideologies and goals, which players will need to navigate in order to find success. To help you get an overview of who's who in this interstellar world, we've put together a comprehensive list of all the factions featured in Starfield so far.

The Crimson Fleet – Pirates With Hearts Of Steel

At the top of our list is the Crimson Fleet, comprised entirely of ruthless pirates. These bloodthirsty individuals are masters at navigating through the stars with ease and know how to take advantage of any situation they come across – even if it means taking everything from another ship by force! Although these pirates may seem intimidating at first glance, they do have some sort of code that governs their actions which suggests there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to this faction.

United Colonies – Uniting The Galaxy Through Diplomacy

In stark contrast with the violent Crimson Fleet are members of the United Colonies, those hoping for peace throughout space instead of chaos. This diplomatic organization serves as a unifying force attempting to bring everyone together under one banner while also promoting exploration and development within its ranks, something that makes them incredibly desirable allies should anyone need assistance during their travels. Despite having strong ideals, however, United Colonies can still be prone to making mistakes as they often lack proper understanding due to cultural differences between its members or insufficient resources when dealing with certain situations, but luckily, this rarely stops them from trying again!

United Colonies  Starfield Factions

Sanctum Universum – Cosmologists Who Seek Knowledge Beyond Stars

The Sanctum Universum is comprised mostly of scientists and cosmologists who seek knowledge beyond what is known about our universe today, something these individuals strive for relentlessly despite any danger or hardship posed against them along the way. As such, Sanctum Universum can be seen as both ambitious pioneers and reckless explorers, depending on your point of view - yet either way, their discoveries often lead us closer to understanding what lies beyond our reach!

Ecliptic Mercenaries – Professional Soldiers Of Fortune For Hire

Should someone require protection or hired guns, then Ecliptic Mercenaries might just fit the bill perfectly; these professional soldiers work hard for whoever has enough money (or resources) available while offering extensive range skills covering almost every imaginable field, including combat operations on land/spacecraft plus much more besides! They're not exactly loyal. However, so don't expect loyalty out of these guys unless it comes attached with monetary compensation beforehand.

The Constellation: The Guardians of Space

If there is one faction you should look out for in Starfield, it would be The Constellation. This powerful intergalactic group acts as guardians of space – ensuring peace and harmony among planets across the universe. They are a force not to be reckoned with; they have access to advanced technologies, powerful weapons, and an array of ships that make them one formidable force. Although their methods may seem extreme at times, they possess noble intentions; helping those who cannot help themselves and protecting innocent lives from those who seek destruction or chaos.

Constellation The Guardians of Space

The Violent Spacers: Outlaws Of The Universe

Forging a stark contrast against The Constellation are The Violent Spacers – an outlaw group made up entirely of criminals and other misfits looking for adventure outside law-abiding society. While some members choose this lifestyle out of necessity due lack of resources elsewhere or revenge against those who wronged them – others simply enjoy living outside rules while still making money from their chosen profession (usually thievery). Despite being considered dangerous by many due to their criminal activities, these spacers often provide services such as smuggling goods across borders or rescuing people stuck in risky situations, proving that even criminals can have good intentions depending on how you look at it!

Xenofresh Corporation: A Business Empire Across Space And Time

Another faction within Starfield is Xenofresh Corporation – a business empire spread across multiple galaxies with interests ranging from fashion (clothing), technology (robots), and even interstellar travel! They boast immense power thanks largely due their vast financial investments into research & development projects which allow them to access new technologies before anyone else does, giving them an edge over competitors when it comes to market domination or creating monopolies over certain commodities/industries. Be sure to keep tabs on Xenofresh if you ever come into contact with them during your adventures; one never knows what kind of surprises could await.

Starfield Factions Xenofresh Corporation

Ryujin Industries – A Megacorporation With Great Power

The Ryujin Corporation is a megacorporation with its own powerful army and advanced technology. They have their fingers in many pies around the galaxy and are constantly looking for ways to increase their power by any means necessary. Expect them to be ruthless with their tactics as they try to outmaneuver other factions for control over resources or strategic locations. Players should also expect some interesting jobs or missions related to this faction as they navigate through the universe, doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of their competition.

House Va'ruun – The Elite Aristocracy Seeking Power Over All

House Va'ruun is an elite aristocracy who believes themselves superior to everyone else and seeks power over all other factions within Starfield's universe. They have no qualms about using force or manipulation if it benefits them in any way; however, players should still expect some diplomacy elements when dealing with House Va'ruun as well since they prefer subtlety when possible, but don't let that fool you into thinking that they won't resort back into violence if need be!

all Factions List

Freestar Collective – The Alliance That Stands For Freedom & Justice

The Freestar Collective stands for freedom and justice throughout space and consists of several different races from various planets that have united together under one banner against oppression from larger forces such as Ryujin Industries or House Va'ruun. It is likely that players will find themselves playing alongside this alliance during certain parts of their journey; however, there could also be moments where loyalties are tested due to conflicting interests between both parties – something which could certainly make things interesting!

Enlightened – A Mysterious Group With Unknown Origins & Intentions

Last but not least, we come across a mysterious group called Enlightened, whose origins remain unknown but whose intentions can only be guessed based on cryptic clues scattered throughout Starfield's universe so far. Are they benevolent protectors? Or sinister manipulators? Only time (and playing!) can reveal just what role these enigmatic beings serve within Bethesda's upcoming space opera, leaving gamers absolutely intrigued by what lies ahead!


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