Essential Hunting Tips for Beginners in Monster Hunter: World

Henry Garcia


Essential Hunting Tips for Beginners in Monster Hunter: World

Welcome to the exhilarating and complex world of Monster Hunter: World! If you're new to the franchise or looking to improve your hunting prowess in this wildly popular game, there are several fundamental strategies and tips you need to know. From understanding the basics of tracking and engaging various monsters to utilizing your environment and gear most efficiently, we've got you covered. This will equip you with the essential knowledge and tactics to elevate your gameplay and become a skillful hunter in the immersive ecosystems of Monster Hunter: World.

1. Master the Basics of Combat

Understanding the combat system is paramount in Monster Hunter: World. Beginners should start by familiarizing themselves with the different weapon types available, as each weapon offers unique gameplay mechanics and advantages. Practice with multiple weapons in the training area to get a feel for their handling and attack patterns. Swords offer balanced speed and damage, while heavier weapons like hammers provide more powerful attacks at the expense of agility. Additionally, the game's clutch claw, a grappling hook that allows you to latch onto monsters, is an excellent tool for steering the battle in your favor by creating new weak points or redirecting the monster.

2. Gear Up Effectively

Monster Hunter: World

Equipping the right gear is crucial for survival and success in Monster Hunter: World. Gear includes not only weapons but also armor, charms, and tools that can enhance your abilities. Armor should be upgraded regularly to reduce the damage from monster attacks, and different sets provide different stats and skills that can be matched to your preferred hunting style. Moreover, tools like health boosters and traps can provide essential support during fights. It's crucial to invest time in understanding how different equipment works together to optimize your build for the challenges you’ll face.

3. Understand Your Prey

Every monster in Monster Hunter: World has unique behaviors, weaknesses, and strengths. Successful hunters must study their quarries through multiple encounters and by reading the monster field guide provided in the game. Learning about a monster's susceptible elements can make a significant difference; for example, some monsters may be weak against water attacks, while others might succumb faster to lightning. Additionally, pay attention to behavioral patterns, such as how a monster reacts when enraged or weakened, as these can provide critical opportunities to strike effectively.

4. Utilize the Environment

Monster Hunter: World

The diverse landscapes in Monster Hunter: World are not just visually stunning but also provide strategic depth. Environmental hazards like boulders, traps, and natural walls can be used to your advantage. For instance, leading a chase through a narrow pathway might bottleneck larger monsters, making them easier to handle. Furthermore, environmental creatures, like parasitoids, release paralyzing gas when attacked, which can halt a monster in its tracks, opening it up to a flurry of attacks.

5. Engage in Tactical Preparation

Before embarking on a hunt, proper preparation is key. This includes stocking up on necessary items like potions for health recovery, energy drinks for stamina, and bombs for additional damage. Additionally, understanding the terrain of the hunting area and planning your approach can significantly reduce risks. Always ensure you have a plan for quick escapes, such as knowing the location of nearby hiding spots like bushes or elevated ledges where monsters cannot reach you.

6. Maintain Stamina and Health

Keeping an eye on your hunter’s stamina and health bars is critical. Running out of stamina can leave you vulnerable to attacks, while low health can swiftly lead to a mission’s failure. Always carry enough stamina-enhancing and health-recovering items. Eating meals at the canteen before a hunt can provide temporary boosts, which are invaluable during lengthy or particularly challenging battles.

7. Play with Others

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is designed to accommodate multiplayer gameplay, and hunting with others can make overcoming the toughest monsters more manageable. Joining online hunts can not only help expedite your learning by watching and collaborating with more experienced players but also make taking down formidable monsters faster and more fun. Communication is key, so consider using the game's built-in gestures and quick chat options to coordinate strategies efficiently.

8. Learn from Every Hunt

Every hunt provides an opportunity to learn and improve, regardless of whether you succeed in defeating the monster. Analyze what strategies and gears worked and what did not, and adjust accordingly in future hunts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches, as flexibility and adaptability are traits of a great hunter.


Mastering Monster Hunter: World takes time, patience, and strategy, but by applying these fundamental tips, you're well on your way to becoming a seasoned hunter. Remember to continually adapt and refine your tactics as you encounter different monsters and explore new environments. Happy hunting!


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