Final Fantasy 14: Unlocking the Eden Raids - Your Ultimate Guide

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Final Fantasy 14: Unlocking the Eden Raids - Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Final Fantasy 14's in-depth guide for unlocking the Eden raids! The Fantastic Eden series is one of the most beloved raid sequences in the game, offering thrilling encounters and deep storytelling arcs. This guide will provide you with thorough steps to navigate through unlocking Eden's Gate, Verse, and Promise. Let’s dive into the epic journey of unlocking the Eden raids!

1. Preparing for Eden's Gate

Before you can set foot into the Eden raids, you need to be well-prepared. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Level Requirement: Reach Level 80 with at least one combat job.
  • Main Scenario Quest: Complete the "Shadowbringers" Main Scenario Quest.

Preparing for Eden Gate

Once these criteria are met, you are ready to embark on the adventure by initiating the quest “In the Middle of Nowhere.”

Where to Begin

Head to the Crystarium and speak to the Anxious Crystarium Guard at coordinates (X: 9.7, Y: 12.3). Accept the quest “In the Middle of Nowhere” from the guard.

2. Interacting with Ryne

Teleport to the Inn at Journey’s Head in Amh Araeng and go south to find Ryne at the Derrick (X: 29.0, Y: 31.7). Speak with her to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, converse with Ryne again to be transported to the Empty.

Exploring the Empty

Within the Empty, engage with Ryne (X: 29.0, Y: 31.7) once more to complete the initial quest and pick up the next one titled “Deploy the Core”. Following this conversation, you'll unlock the first raid:

  • Eden's Gate: Resurrection

Clear this raid, then engage Ryne again to proceed. Interact with the aethernet shard (X: 5.8, Y: 6.5) to reach Eden’s core.

3. Conquering Eden's Gate

In the core, a series of conversations and cutscenes will guide you through the story. The next few quests include:

  • “One Fell Swoop” to unlock Eden's Gate: Descent
  • “Nor Any Drop to Drink” to unlock Eden's Gate: Inundation
  • “Super Seismic” to unlock Eden's Gate: Sepulture

After completing Eden's Gate: Sepulture, talk to Ryne near the exit to Amh Araeng and then at Mord Souq (X: 26.8, Y: 16.8) to wrap up this segment.

Conquering Eden's Gate

4. Unlocking Eden's Verse

At Mord Souq, speak to Yalfort (X: 26.7, Y: 16.7) to receive the quest “Away with the Faerie”. Speak to Gaia (X: 27.8, Y: 16.9) and follow her to the destination in Amh Araeng (X: 31.1, Y: 21.0). This sequence unlocks the Eden's Verse raids:

  • Eden's Verse: Fulmination via “Blood and Thunder”
  • Eden's Verse: Furor via “Into the Firestorm”
  • Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm via “Heart of Darkness”
  • Eden's Verse: Refulgence via “On Thin Ice”

Boosting Ryne's Spirits

In “Into the Firestorm,” use the /rally command in the chat to rally Ryne’s spirits. After the conversation, head to the designated location beside Gaia and then talk to Urianger within Eden’s core to proceed further.

5. Journey Through Eden's Promise

To unlock the final part of the Eden raid series, start with the quest “Empty Promise” given by Yalfort in Mord Souq. Talk to Ryne at the Derrick and then Gaia to proceed with the sequence. The following quests will unlock the corresponding raids:

  • Eden's Promise: Umbra via “Fear of the Dark”
  • Eden's Promise: Litany via “Shadows of the Past”
  • Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis via “Voice of the Soul”
  • Eden's Promise: Eternity via “Voice of the Soul”

Journey Through Eden's Promise

Resolving Gaia's Consciousness

After unlocking Eden's Promise: Eternity, speak to Ryne and wake Gaia up by selecting her character and typing “Gaia” in the chat. Complete the quest by speaking with Gaia at the Derrick and then Yalfort in Mord Souq one final time.

6. Unlocking Eden Raids in Savage Mode

Completing all the Eden raids in normal mode adds them to New Game+ and unlocks the Savage mode. Engage with Lewrey (X: 26.8, Y: 16.4) in Mord Souq to unlock the Savage versions by discussing Ryne’s reports. Ensure you have the appropriate quests completed:

  • Eden's Gate (Savage) via “The Next Piece of the Puzzle”
  • Eden's Verse (Savage) via “Life Finds a Way”
  • Eden's Promise (Savage) via “Where I Belong”

Congratulations! You've successfully unlocked the entire Eden raid series, including the challenging Savage mode. Enjoy the epic battles and the compelling stories in Final Fantasy 14’s masterpiece raids.


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