Mastery of the Red Lantern: Unraveling Its Use in Lords of the Fallen

Olivia Hernandez


Mastery of the Red Lantern: Unraveling Its Use in Lords of the Fallen

Peering into the intricate world of Lords of the Fallen, we are met with unique mechanics and fascinating objects that enrich the gameplay, providing depth and a magical allure. On our path, we often encounter the enigmatic Red Lantern. For those who are baffled by this seemingly inert object, allow me to demystify its use, using the Umbral Lamp, and unveil the secret rewards hidden within.

Step 1: Ensuring Online Gameplay

Ensuring Online Gameplay

Rule number one about interacting with the Red Lantern is ensuring the online gameplay mode is on. Lords of the Fallen beautifully incorporates online mechanics to create an interconnected world among lampbearers, and one of these is the Red Lantern. So, before even striding towards these bright red objects, make sure you are connected to the online world.

Step 2: Using the Umbral Lamp

Seeing a Red Lantern and not being able to interact with it can be frustrating. Console buttons may fail you here, but don’t fret, as our real weapon against this lantern is the Umbral Lamp. Equip your character with the Umbral Lamp, and lock onto the Red Lantern. The magic you need to perform now is deemed ‘Soulflaying’. This grants you the ability to unravel the mystery hidden within the Red Lantern.

Step 3: Following the Red Butterflies

Soulflaying the Red Lantern brings about a phenomenon by which a trail of red butterflies emerges. Now, the game has just become a bit more exciting. Make sure to keep an eye on their fluttering path, as they are there to lead you to the next notable spectacle. Wherever the journey might take you, be it a broken bridge or a tranquil lake, always trust in these magical guides.

Step 4: Dealing with the Marked Enemy

Dealing with the Marked Enemy

Now, here comes the challenging part. Encounter the enemy at the end of the butterfly trail, and you will realize this foe is unlike any other you've battled till now. The marked enemy possesses a name and a health bar that significantly surpasses any regular foe. Defeating this enemy may require extra tactics, but remember, the greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory.

Step 5: Reaping the Rewards

Conquering the marked enemy yields valuable rewards. From a surge of Vigor to the coveted Plucked Eyeball, your character will be well endowed for the persistence and bravery shown. The Plucked Eyeball, in particular, plays a significant role in unlocking more unique items in the game, proving there's more than meets the eye when maneuvering the Red Lantern!


An object of intrigue, the Red Lantern is more than a mere spectacle in Lords of the Fallen. It is a connecting link between gamers online, a map to the rich rewards, and an ingenious contraption adding allure to the game. To master its usage, one requires an online connection, the Umbral Lamp, and the will to follow the red butterflies. It's these nuances and challenges that make the journey all the more adventurous. So, embrace the Red Lantern and keep your eyes open for the valuable lessons and rewards it unfold!


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