Strategic Release: Mastering the Art of Dropping Survivors in Dead by Daylight

Olivia Hernandez


Strategic Release: Mastering the Art of Dropping Survivors in Dead by Daylight

Are you ready to refine your skills as a formidable presence in Dead by Daylight? Understanding the nuanced strategy of when and how to drop survivors can dramatically influence the tide of a match. This action, while appearing counter-productive at first glance, could be the key to your dominance across the fog-shrouded landscapes. Follow these clearly structured steps to master the art of tactically releasing survivors from your grasp and augment your gameplay to an entirely new echelon of control.

Step 1: Recognizing the Need to Drop a Survivor

Recognizing the Need to Drop a Survivor

Identifying the opportune moment to release a Survivor is vital. Circumstances such as survivors body-blocking, a well-timed sabotage on a hook, or the presence of certain Survivor perks that challenge your grip, like Boil Over, dictate the need for swift and strategic decision-making. Reflect on the scenario: Are you too far from a hook? Is another survivor sabotaging your efforts, or are you being led into a trap of time-wasting chases? If so, consider dropping the survivor.

Step 2: How to Drop a Survivor

When the moment arrives to release a Survivor, the method is straightforward across all platforms:

  • Nintendo Switch: Press the 'A' Button
  • PC: Press the 'R' Key
  • PlayStation: Press the 'Circle' Button
  • Xbox: Press the 'B' Button

One press is enough to free the Survivor from your capture. Remember, frequent drops increase the Survivor's Wiggle Meter, pushing them closer to an automatic escape. Utilize this action with the forethought of how it may influence their planned route to liberation.

Step 3: The Aftermath of Dropping a Survivor

The Aftermath of Dropping a Survivor

Be mindful that each release fills the Survivor's Wiggle Meter by a substantial 25%. This can be a double-edged sword; while it may provide a temporary edge, dropping them when their meter is already 75% full will result in their immediate release. Measure the pros and cons: Does the immediate terrain and situation warrant the potential rapid filling of their escape bar, or can you use this to your advantage?

Step 4: Strategic Considerations Post-Drop

After dropping a Survivor, it is crucial to adjust your strategy instantly. Should you continue the pursuit, or would the pressure be better applied elsewhere, perhaps to another Survivor or to patrol generators? Fast thinking and adaptation are the hallmarks of a proficient killer in Dead by Daylight. Be decisive and guide the match's flow toward an outcome that benefits your quest for dominance.

Step 5: Utilizing Perks and Power for Optimal Drops

Certain killer perks and powers can synergize with the tactic of dropping Survivors. Assess your equipped perks and consider how they align with your strategy. Does a perk incentivize a quick chase after a drop, or does your killer’s power allow you to cover ground swiftly to apply pressure on multiple Survivors post-drop? Aligning your abilities with this strategy can potentiate its effectiveness.

Utilizing Perks and Power for Optimal Drops

Step 6: Know When to Abandon the Drop Tactic

While knowing when to drop is crucial, recognizing when to persist in carrying a Survivor to a hook is equally important. Gauge the match's progression, the Survivors' remaining numbers, and the generators' status before deciding. A successful hook may sometimes offer more control over the game than a strategic drop, especially if it can lead to a momentum shift or scoreboard pressure.

Step 7: Learn from Experience

No guide can replace the invaluable insights gained from personal experience. Every match offers new learning opportunities. Experiment with dropping Survivors in different scenarios and learn from the outcomes. Note the reactions of the Survivors and adapt your strategy accordingly in future games — refine your choices with every encounter.


The art of dropping Survivors in Dead by Daylight introduces new tactical layers into the killer's gameplay. Whether to prevent the triggering of a pesky perk or to reposition quickly for greater map control, understanding the nuances of this technique can make you a more unpredictable and daunting adversary. Embrace these steps, keep practicing, and soon, survivors will fear your presence even more as you wield your newfound strategic prowess with confidence and authority.


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