How to Watch MSNBC Live Without Cable 2019

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MSNBC Live is one of the most popular cable channels in the USA. So it used to be, at least. Founded by NBC and Microsoft, it goes more and more digital. It’s logical to question how to watch MSNBC without cable in our Internet era. If any channel should be available via the Internet, it must be MSNBC.

The good news (better than what we see on any TV) is that you can select the most suitable out of the six ways to watch MSNBC we describe below. Some of them take a TV box or a gaming console; others just require the MSNBC app for mobile devices.

Well, let’s do some cord-cutting and use an alternative method to access this station with its breaking news, talk shows, and analytics. It’s about politics, and it takes a little gray matter to figure out, so let’s use it.

Hulu Live TV: The Default

Hulu Live TV

This popular service delivers TV over the Internet, and MSNC is also covered. Hulu is available for various platforms, including Android, Amazon, Apple TV, Roku, most Smart TVs, and gaming consoles – even Nintendo Switch can do Hulu! No need for a dedicated MSNBC News app: it’s included. You won’t have to search for any specific package: MSNBC is included in the default one, named Hulu with Live TV.

Besides that, Hulu Live features 60+ channels; the exact list depends on your region, because it tends to modify subscriptions by adding more local news, but anyway Fox, CNBC, ESPNEWS, and CNN are in. You also get access to the entire library of video on demand, that’s quite rich on Hulu, regardless of your region.

The pricing is quite affordable: $44.99/mo, with a tight pack of channels for the sum. It also covers a virtual DVR for up to 50 hours, two simultaneous streams, and access to the on-demand library, though ad-supported. We’d suggest it as a default option.

fuboTV: The Sportiest


Though fuboTV doesn’t issue its own TV boxes yet, it’s become as popular as other networks. And, despite it started purely with sports, especially soccer, now it broadcasts political and social channels like MSNBC as well. So your fuboTV subscription can include MSNBC if you check it out and make sure it’s in.

To get your access, you need to install a fuboTV app to your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Android TV box, or directly to your SmartTV. Then create your subscription. It won’t take long to choose: the only pack that includes MSNBC is fubo Standard. The subscription starts at $54/month, but it delivers much more than just MSNBC: it’s a really packed proposition, with multiple simultaneous streams, a larger DVR (up to 30 hours), rich on-demand video library, and other extras. For example, this pack also contains Fox News, Fox Business, and lots of channels covering sports and broadcasting games.

Sling TV: The Most Affordable

Sling TV

Probably it’s the most affordable option, offering “a la carte” Internet TV streaming on a wide specter of TVs and consoles, including Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and so on. It’s cheaper and offers fewer options, but if you’re focused on MSNBC, it’s the option for you, but it’s a bit tricky.

The package that includes MSNBC is called “Sling Blue”, and it’s $25/mo. Way cheaper than Hulu or Fubo, but with a twist: you’ll need to purchase News Extra extension for $5/mo, resulting in $30/month. Still more affordable than others. Be careful and don’t select Sling Orange instead: it doesn’t even list News Extra as an option.

The subscription you finally get also includes BBC, Fusion, Bloomberg Television, and RT, so you’ll get various coverages of the same news and a chance to compare. Get yourself an MSNBC schedule to mark the right time to watch the events of interest.

There are even better features about Sling: 3 streams at a time, on-demand library, and 50-hour DVR.

AT&T TV Now: Why Not


Previously known as DirecTV, it’s the most expensive way to get it, but still, it exists. The package is similar to other news-oriented offers, and it includes also CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg, C-SPAN, and so on. The subscription requires any Android devices, Apple TV or iOS device, Amazon Fire, and Smart TVs (but not Xbox, alas).

It’s limited to two streams at a time. Its DVR is also more restricted, only offering 20 hours of recording that can be stored for up to 30 days. Its undoubtable pro is a large library of on-demand content. So if you like TV shows and news, AT&T is an option.

PlayStation Vue: For Those on PS4

PlayStation Vue

You might have noticed that the long list of devices compatible with previous methods never included Sony PlayStation. It’s logical, because there is an exclusive PlayStation Vue service, and its TV package includes MSNBC too. The paradox is that you don’t need an actual PS4 to subscribe; it’s compatible with most devices listed above, from Roku to Amazon, Apple and Android (except for Xbox, and that’s understood). But if you do own a PS4, it’s the most logical.

The package that has MSNBC is “Access” that also has lots of news channels, including the most popular. It’s $49.99/month, and the price seems reasonable, given its tightness.

This option is great for large families or parties, given that PS Vue allows for up to 5 simultaneous streams and an unlimited DVR storage (but each record can be only stored for 28 days).

YouTube TV: The Most Versatile

YouTube TV

It’s probably the most versatile way of cord-cutting because there’s hardly a TV device with no YouTube support by now. You won’t have to choose the package: YouTube TV only has one versatile offer for $49.99/month, and it has seventy channels, including MSNBC and other news channels like ESPNEWS, BBC, Fox, Newsy, CNBC, and others, along with sports and entertainment.

It’s hard to name a device that doesn’t support the YouTube app, except for ancient TVs getting no more software updates. Even Amazon TV is now supported again.

YouTUbe TV beats everyone when it comes to DVR – what else to expect from the greatest video hosting? It offers unlimited storage, with your videos saved for nine months each, and multiple simultaneous recording. As for streaming, you can watch YouTube TV on three devices simultaneously. Of course, it’s alright with its on-demand library too.

Make Your Choice

There is a way to watch MSNBC on virtually any Smart TV or console, as you see. As for the plans, you better look at what extras you’d like to have and how much you are ready to pay: MSNBC is the same on any of them.

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