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Does Your Dog Scratch Too Much?

Hello friends, many of you ask me why their dog tends to scratch often in certain parts of the body.

The question may seem trivial, but it’s not; in fact, the reasons for this behavior can be different. Let’s explore some together!

A dog can scratch because:

Has a simple itching momentary, in that case the area of the body will be random and the behavior will not be repeated over time, sometimes dogs even scratch against an object or rubbing the back on a lawn and, to see them, may appear funny.

He has irritated skin or a dermatitis that may be symptomatic of:

  1. A reaction to a pesticide (not all products are good for all dogs: I advise you to proceed by trial and error and to find the right product), in this case you realize that it begins to scratch after applying the drops or the collar.
  2. b) food intolerance: this symptom is often combined with the production of dandruff; nowadays there are many dogs, especially breeds, that do not tolerate certain ingredients, in this case, it is better to contact a veterinarian nutritionist, or at least, your vet of choice.
  3. c) if it does so in correspondence to the ears, otitis may have developed, often combined with a bad smell coming from the earcup. The dogs most subject to this type of inflammation are the cocker, the beagle, the bassethound and all those with long and hanging ears because their shape does not allow the ventilation of the pavilion.

He may have had a fork in: the most common points are the ears – in which case the dog also tends to tilt the head -, the nose – the dog also tends to sneeze – and the legs – usually if he licks them. In this case, you should go to your vet for the extraction of the intruder!

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But Now Back to Us!

Can be annoyed by an uncomfortable or too tight collar or bib. Consider whether you should adjust or replace them with something that has a different shape or material.

It may have a tick, flea or another insect sting, take a look under the hair and you may find the answer.

If it is not for any of these reasons and if the activity of scratching is obsessive and sometimes combined with the activity of licking or chewing, it could be the manifestation of strong stress; in this case I suggest you consult an instructor experienced in behavioral re-education of the dog.

I greet you all with a hug and a friendly “scratch” to your dog.

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