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Dog Carrier, Your Puppy’s Mobile Lair

Often as soon as you mention “dog carrier” it is easy to get a slightly disgusted reaction from some owners, who see these accessories as inhuman cages. This is a myth to be debunked because the dog carriers, in addition to being a useful and sometimes indispensable tool, can easily become real dens for your four-legged friends: let’s see how to choose the best.

The Dimensions

First of all we try to choose the carrier (also called kennel) suitable for our dog: a classic mistake that many make is to exaggerate with the measures to try to make your dog comfortable.

The dog carrier should not be a playground or an Olympic stadium, it should look like a den and therefore do not need excessive measures, it is enough for the dog to be able to sit there and turn around. A large dog will obviously need a very large carrier to ensure maximum comfort, while smaller dogs can be comfortably lying in a smaller carrier.

Wouldn’t it be better to choose a large dog carrier even for small dogs? As we have already said, having too much space could be a bit ‘dispersive especially in the case of very long journeys, bumpy roads, air turbulence. A pet carrier for small dogs, on the other hand, allows your four-legged friends to feel calmer, safer, protected like in a hug. Of course, there are also models of carriers for medium-sized dogs.

The Models Of Dog Carriers For Every Kind Of Movement

If you are looking for a carrier for car dogs, you must necessarily check that it has all the necessary certifications, so as to be in full compliance and to offer your four-legged friend the maximum possible safety. The same applies to the dog carrier for airplane dogs, perfect for taking your friend with you even during the holidays. These models are usually equipped with straps to attach the carrier to the seat of your car or plane. If they are not sold with the carrier, they can be purchased separately and assembled in a very simple way. If you are looking for a bike dog carrier or a motorcycle dog carrier, you should also make sure that it is sold with all the appropriate straps to best secure the carrier.

The Various Types Available

The dog carrier is available in many types, to be chosen according to your needs:

Rigid dog carrier. This is certainly the most classic model of carrier, the perfect one for travel by car and plane as it guarantees the maximum possible safety for your dog. Moving it is easy thanks to the special handles and can be cleaned with extreme ease. The only drawback is that it is more bulky than other types of carrier and takes up a little more space. They are the only ones that we can seriously recommend to the owners of large or medium sized dogs.

They have a front opening with a grille for the passage of air and there are several models with wheels

Cloth carriers for dogs. The soft dog carriers made of fabric are the ideal choice for all those who want to ensure maximum comfort to their four-legged friends and also the maximum possible warmth, an ideal choice, therefore, especially in winter. They are preferable for small dogs and can be easily folded and stored when not in use, taking up as little space as possible. They can also be washed directly in the washing machine. The fabric models can be divided into various categories: dog carrier bag, carrier for dogs on the shoulder, carrier for dogs on the shoulder. The choice of one category rather than the other depends only on you, of course, your personal taste and your needs.

Soft conveyors, but with aluminium structure. Aluminium dog carriers are perfect for light weight and durability. They are covered in soft and very comfortable fabric and the structure can often also be easily closed so that they can be stored when not in use. Unlike the fully fabric carriers, which are usually only suitable for small dogs, those with an aluminium structure are also perfect for larger and therefore heavier dogs.

The backpack dog carrier is perfect for small dogs and for small movements. It is the ideal model in case you want to have your hands completely free.

The basic models are obviously not in possession of all the extras that the models of luxury carriers for dogs instead offer, such as, for example, a soft mattress, warm and comfortable, a pillow, a few games for animals or a plastic tray to give food or drink to your four-legged friends.

Considering these aspects, there is one last detail before you decide to buy it: the use you will have to make of it. If you are planning to travel by plane with your four-legged friend then it is a must to consult some guidelines, as it is necessary to have an IATA approved carrier, in other cases the choice becomes wider but for travel by car must still take into account the Highway Code, which authorizes the transport of animals in cars as long as they do not hinder the driver.

Hooks And Wheels: Small Extras To Take Into Consideration

Some carriers have a towing hook and wheels, so you can carry it with extreme ease especially if you have to walk long distances. The dog carrier with tow hook is designed especially for travel and for the often very long trips that you need to make within the airports. The carrier for dogs with wheels and hook can be excellent, however, even if you want to reach the vet directly on foot or want to use public transport.

Some carriers do not have hooks or wheels, but these extras can be bought separately and adapted to the carrier in a very simple way.

How Much Does A Dog Carrier Cost?

How much do dog carriers cost? Do they have a very high price? No, dog carriers do not have a very high price and are available in various price ranges: they range from a minimum of about 20 euros to a maximum of about 80/100 euros.

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