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Dog Harnesses, And Your Four-legged Friend Will Thank You

More and more people are preferring the use of dog harnesses instead of collars, and in fact the advantages of this pet accessory are many and should not be underestimated. Why do you prefer bibs to collars? How do I choose the most suitable bib for my dog? What are the most popular models of bibs for dogs? Let’s find out…

There are three main models of dog harnesses on the market, plus a few other minor variations that we will not take into account. Until a few years ago, pet shops did not have a large assortment, but as demand grows, it is now easy to buy the right bib, even if online shops continue to offer a superior choice in this field.

X-Shaped Bibs

Also called scapular bib, it is the most widespread and unfortunately also the only one that should not be used. Very simple in shape, with two strips that pass under the neck and chest to join a third, is not recommended as it rubs continuously on the axillary glands and damages the area of the shoulders.

Its use risks damaging the joints, irritating the legs and forcing the dog into harmful postures.

H-Shaped Bibs

Known also as Roman-style bib, Swedish or Feltmann’s bib, it is formed by two ribbons around the thorax and trunk joined by other two placed on the back and between the forelimbs.

It is unanimously considered the best bib because, if you are careful to adjust it so that the leash hook is always more or less in the middle of the back, does not alter in any way the posture of the dog, leaving him free to interact with his peers.

Y-Shaped Bibs

Also known as Finnish or Norwegian bibs, it is also an excellent solution. It is a harness made up of a webbing that passes under the dog’s neck and weaves another strip that passes circularly around the chest, with a third band that passes on the back.

It is a bib suitable for adult dogs, while for puppies and small dogs is preferable to the h, leaves much freedom of movement to the animal while ensuring good control to the owner.

Taking into account these indications, the other factors that can affect the choice are personal: there are padded bibs, stronger bibs for dogs that pull, models in various materials and colors, fashion bibs for the most chic dogs and cheap bibs but perfectly functional.

But always remember to leave one or two fingers of space between the fabric and the dog to make him feel even more free!

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