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Dog Kennels: How To Choose The Best Dog Kennels For Dogs

The choice of dog kennels, along with the choice of the feeder and food, is one of the most important moments to start life with your favorite animal in the best possible way.

There are many models that you can buy online or in pet stores, but the first thing you need to ask yourself is if you want an outdoor kennel or an indoor one.

You will then have to consider both the size of your four-legged friend and the material and the desired shape: there are dog beds in wood, plastic, metal, resin …

As you can imagine, the models are also very varied: from the igloo kennel to the little house or castle kennel, your dog will be spoilt for choice in deciding what his kingdom will be.

The models of kennels for indoor dogs differ greatly from those for outdoor, to the point that we have chosen to devote two different posts depending on your needs, while here we deal with the basic criteria regardless of the final arrangement.

The kennel is the most important space for your pet and you must create an environment in which he is fully at ease, so that he immediately loses the habit of sleeping in your bed: do not feel sorry, it is important to establish from the first moment certain prohibitions, the dog needs to warn your leadership.

So assess both the size of your dog and the position of the kennel.

In the case of a puppy you have to think about how big he will become, and if the kennel will seem huge at the moment there is no problem: fill it with pillows and you will see that he will feel comfortable; always keep an eye on how he sleeps, because in the case of a dog that has the habit of resting well laid out becomes even more important a large kennel.

In short, the recipe is very simple: arm yourself with a tape measure as a seamstress and measure your dog or find out what size it will have as an adult!

In the case of kennels for outdoor dogs you can also consider the opportunity to put it in a fence or a box for dogs and if you want your pet to have free access to the house you have to think about the right door.

In case of accommodation inside can be fine even simple cots or even the same carriers for dogs, depending on the size, while for the outside, if you do not want to buy a kennel, you could also think of a DIY solution: with some minimal notion of DIY build a kennel for dogs is very simple.

In any case, it is important that the dog kennels are comfortable and placed in a sheltered position: so keep them away from draughts or excessive heating and “furnish” them with mattresses, pillows and maybe even a blanket, there are many dogs who like to cover themselves while they sleep.

In the next posts we will deal, more specifically, with how to choose the kennels for outdoor dogs, those for indoor and also, for special needs, some models of insulated kennels and heated.

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