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How To Build Dog Pens

Dog pens are one of the most valid options in case you want to leave much space to our four-legged friend and are a valid alternative, although sometimes more expensive, to the box for dogs.

There are outdoor and indoor dog pens, although often the latter can be dismantled and easily transported outside the house, so let’s face the solutions for your garden or ground.

Before evaluating materials and installation, we must consider the fact that the outdoor dog fence is subject to specific regional laws, which should be informed to understand what is the minimum size required.

Once established the area to be dedicated to our quadruped, you have to decide whether to build the fence for dogs alone or entrust the task to specialized personnel: in the second case it comes naturally that choice of materials and location of the same will be decided together with those who install everything and you will have to compare your needs with the many years of experience of those who built dozens and dozens of fences for dogs, while in the case of DIY dog fences you will have to evaluate your knowledge and skills because it is a DIY more challenging than small jobs.

There are however two main solutions: poles with mesh or modular panels.

The construction of the first involves the laying of concrete or metal poles that will be driven into the ground at a depth of about 50 centimeters deep, with the net that is then fixed to the poles. You can choose between different types of net, but it is important that it is buried to prevent the animal, digging, can get out and has a minimum height of one and a half meters (better 2) to prevent jumps. Many dogs are able to chew plastic nets, so it is better to choose a metal one or, as a more drastic solution, the sheets of electrowelded net.

Modular panels do not require the installation of poles and are fixed to the ground either with hooks and struts or, in the case of concrete, with dowels. Their modular nature allows you to create fences for dogs of various shapes, in both cases you must still take into account what we said when talking about kennels for outdoor dogs and therefore at least part of the fence must offer shelter from the sun and bad weather.

Finally, there are fences for dogs made of wood but this is a solution that penalizes both the dog, who will not be able to observe the external environment, and the owner who will not be able to admire his animal. Finally, there is no chain: it is a barbaric practice and, in any case, it is sanctioned by some regional laws.

The fences for indoor dogs are another story: suitable for puppies and small dogs, usually made of canvas with flexible metal skeleton (but there are also rigid metal and other materials), easy to assemble and disassemble, cheap (prices are around 30 euros), are the ideal solution if you need to “confine” the puppy for some time in the apartment is if you go to the home of friends and you fear that your dog will damage.

Many models are foldable and equipped with a bag for transport, as well as all have nets to circulate the air and allow the dog to observe the environment and not feel so completely isolated.

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