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How To Get Your Dog Used To Kennel

We have already discussed before the extreme usefulness of kennel, not only with regard to the occasions when you have to travel with the dog but also in various moments at home and, found that it is an accessory for dogs of great importance, it may be useful to briefly indicate the main expedient to accustom our dog to his new den.

What is kennel? It is a name that has become increasingly common and in addition to indicating kennels and farms is synonymous with transport, from folding bags for small dogs to rigid cages for those of large size, the kennel should not be seen as some kind of torture against the animal but as an opportunity for our dog to have his “den” at home.

The pet shops and online shop offer a wide choice of carriers of all kinds and you can not indicate a single model to prefer to others: much depends on the needs of the individual dog and everyone will find the preferred solution, but it remains to be faced with the challenge of getting used to our four-legged friend to his new den, action that must be performed with the classic system of positive reinforcement, without ever screaming or punishing the dog that fails at first attempts. Educating and training a dog is an enterprise that is hardly implemented through punishments and scolded.

The expedient is what works in many other cases: using food to make our furry dog understand that this is his home. In most cases, a few croquettes and a handful of patience will be enough to succeed in our enterprise. Don’t forget to put your favourite pillow or blanket in the carrier, to consolidate the idea of a den and make the environment more comfortable and comfortable.

We start by placing inside the kennel the bowl full of food during the classic meal times, times to which the dog has been accustomed for some time.

During the first few times, while Fido devours his biscuits, you can also leave the door open, and then start to close it after a few occasions: the dog will already have got used to this new way of eating and should not react negatively.

Once you have completed your meal, you must open the door and congratulate the animal.

Repeat this procedure for a few days but, if you see that the dog becomes nervous when it closes, leave it open for a while.

Once this phase has passed, an even better positive reinforcement must be implemented: outside the meal times, try to put some extra treats, something delicious and much loved by the animal, inside the kennel.

At this point the four-legged should be used by now: you will see him enter the carrier and devour the prizes sitting on the spot, in what is now considered the den.

If this does not happen, try to lock it inside the kennel for a few minutes, but remain in sight. So let it out but leave the food prizes inside and you will see that, in a fury of insisting with these techniques, it will be the dog himself who wants to enter the den and reach that juicy bone to chew in peace.

These measures are usually enough in the vast majority of cases provided, however, that you observe an important rule: in accepting the kennel as his new den, the dog, rightly, will require that the place “behave” like a den, must then be placed in a quiet area, easily controllable and you will not have to go to disturb him every moment.

In a short time for your friend there will be no difference between door closed or open and you will thus have an area of the house useful both to the animal when he wants to be in peace and to you when, on the occasion of visits or other special situations, you have to limit momentarily the movements of your dog.

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