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How To Use The Dog Clipper

The shearing of the dog is an increasingly common practice among people who think it helps to make their four-legged friend suffer less during the summer, but in reality the use of the clipper for dogs is very controversial and must be used only in special cases: let’s understand why.

While we humans the most important system of temperature control is sweat, dogs to dissipate heat mainly resort to breathing: when you see a dog “panting” with the mouth open and the tongue outside the animal is trying to lose heat, with a very efficient system of thermal regulation with which the hair has nothing to do with.

Using a dog clipper will not help the puppy to stay cooler, but in many cases will damage the animal, which will lose important protection.

The coat protects the dog from any kind of thermal change and eliminating it by shearing exposes his skin, much more delicate than ours, to sunburn and various skin diseases, not to mention that often the hair will grow thicker and harder.

This does not mean, however, that dogs do not suffer from the heat and it is necessary to avoid them, as we do, direct exposure to the sun’s rays during the hottest hours of the day.

Much better than using a dog clipper is certainly to follow the good habit of brushing with a certain frequency and take care of your friend, especially during the two annual wetsuits.

Having said this, we believe it is of great importance, it is also true that there are certain breeds (such as the tramp) and some specific cases (health needs, preparation for a beauty contest and more, however, follow the instructions of your vet) that may require clipping, and a viable and affordable alternative to the center of grooming is the home clipping, which requires some practice and patience through which both you and your pet will get used to this appointment.

There are many dog shearers on sale at pet shops and various online pet shops, to hear the opinions of many people the two brands that are considered best for value for money are Moser and Oster, an element to consider carefully is the good holding of the razors, which should not become too hot during use.

After you have carefully brushed your puppy and disinfected the blades, use the dog clipper along the body, being careful to always follow the sense of growth of the hair and still leaving a fair length. Then proceed with extreme caution in the most delicate areas, perhaps using scissors to perfect the cut of the snout, ears, tail and legs, avoiding damaging the moustache in any way.

The whole operation must be carried out in an environment considered very safe by your dog and continuing to reassure and pamper him and ending with a nice bath and a well-deserved biscuit!

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