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Ten Luxury Items for Dogs

The world of animal lovers has long since crossed that of lovers of luxury goods, with results that while on the one hand raise legitimate concerns on the other can still leave you amazed at the beauty of some articles.

We have therefore decided to create a list with ten accessories for dogs that will leave you amazed, both for the price and for the high quality of workmanship and finishes.

Mastiff Regency Collar

Let’s start with this beautiful handmade collar: copper and steel on leather with internal padding, lion figures and crown to decorate the whole, a very strong and prestigious accessory for massive necks, in short: it is not the right gift for a poodle.

Black Studded Coat

Soft, warm, genuine leather and handmade, so be careful to take care of the measurements of your dog before placing the order.

The final detail? The beautiful silver studs!

Wooden Dog Crate

Made of maple, this cabinet/table/shell is a brilliant solution to make a space for your dog from a piece of furniture that you can also use for other purposes and that camouflages your pet’s lair in style.

Two different diversion models, five possible colours, cherry finish.

Lifeguard Stand Doghouse

Do you have a lot of space?

This outdoor kennel has “important” dimensions, quality and price, it was made by hand in a single specimen and… Well, the photograph says it all, it’s a real strap for a very, very special dog.

Amber Carrier Bag

Warm and comfortable bag for small dogs in high quality materials: suede, eco fur and amber, handmade, unique specimen.

Wooden Bed

We have repeatedly insisted that the best dog kennel, as well as being soft, must not be in contact with the floor and this bed perfectly meets this need. Four hardwood legs, cushion padded and covered with cotton fabric, exists in various models to better match various furnishings.

Stingray Navy Carrier Bag

Very high quality materials, with real leather and closure with double front door with zipper, handmade and equipped with three ventilated sides, all with heavy screen and safe.

Swarovski Collars

We only have a link for you, but if you follow it you can find various models, not to mention the possibility of reaching an agreement with the manufacturer to create the preferred combination of materials and colours for these extremely luxurious collars suitable for small and medium sized pet dogs.

Ergonomic Pet Feeder

Solid wood structure with tiled top and three metal bowls, the central one of which is raised, this Feeder is the dream of any dog, from the greediest to the most pickiest.

Rocker Jacket

Is your dog a tough one of the really tough ones?

Make it clear right from the start with this metallic silver eco-leather jacket, complete with skull and intimidating studs.

It is handmade to order and many sizes are obviously possible.

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