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What Are The Best Shampoos For Dogs?

Well, yes, the time has long come to postpone: Fido has rolled between mud and leaves, all happy, and now needs a nice bath, with the shampoo for dogs suited to his needs.

Trying to bathe our four-legged friend is not always an easy or obvious task, especially if the friend in question is a Saint Bernard or a Newfoundland and you do not have a tub the size of a football stadium, and we can well understand who turns to the specialized centers.

Those who want to do it themselves will have to think, among other things, what type of shampoo for dogs to buy, depending on the situations and problems.

But which product to use?

What Are the Best Shampoos For Dogs?

There are of course shampoos for dogs of every brand, type and price and just a tour of the pet shops and online pet shops to realize the breadth of the offer: pesticides against fleas and other pests, hypoallergenic and itching, conditioners and products for dermatitis, there is plenty of choice and in this case we will deal with shampoos for dogs suitable for normal and frequent use, reserving the right to talk about particular products in future posts.

Although it is possible to use for your dog a neutral pH detergent reserved for us humans, it would always be better to use specialized products, the best solution is to use a slightly acidic product, with a pH that is around 4.5-5 because, in addition to restoring shine to the coat also has an antibacterial function, while the alkaline products end up ruining the hair and at the end of the bath your puppy will find himself with the coat opaque and ruffed.

In general, it is a good idea to buy shampoo for dogs made from natural ingredients, but if there are herbs and essences of various types, you should still inform your vet, who will be able to advise you even in the case of hypoallergenic products or detergents rich in antiseptics.

To the friends of Pet Magazine we recommend, among all possible choices, the use of a good shampoo for dogs rich in oatmeal: it has excellent moisturizing properties for the skin and relieves possible itchiness, softens the hair of the animal and is often associated with aloe or jojoba oil that increase its already remarkable properties.

Finally, before leaving to your puppy and his beauty bath, we remind you to avoid dry shampoo as much as possible and to pay attention to the use of various conditioners, which are more useful in the case of long hair and curl while they are not recommended for dogs with a hard and shaggy coat.

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